Strictly Business Announces Record-High Web Stats in 2018


Strictly Business Announces Record-High Web Stats in 2018

Strictly Business recorded the highest online statistics in its history this year. After running the reports, it was determined that articles by Strictly Business were viewed on Google’s search results pages over 12.7 million times in 2018. This means the magazine’s content is showing up as one of the top results when search for related information. Strictly Business’ page views also performed well, exceeding 366,000 view from just Google. A page view refers to someone clicking to view content on Strictly Business’ website.

Strictly Business continues to grow in its ability to serve clients through its web content as major search engines are seeking to reward credible sources of information. This growth reflects the results of the staff’s hard work, doing research to continue gaining credibility for the Strictly Business website. Effectively, major search engines prefer to deliver well-organized information to searchers.

While Google directs approximately 55% of web traffic to Strictly Business, the remainder of the page views come from web users directly accessing the website, through Facebook, and through other search engines such as Yahoo! and Bing.

The staff of Strictly Business is proud of this accomplishment, which will continue to be a key part of their strategy to promote businesses in Lincoln and share relevant, reliable news. Strictly Business has been in Lincoln for over 25 years, direct mailing to 10,000+ businesses in the area each month. Learn more about Strictly Business online at (Lincoln) / (Omaha), or call (402) 466-3330 to talk to the staff about how you can get known as the expert in your industry.