The Jan 2010 or 30th Year Anniversary Edition of TaeKwonDo Times features the International TaeKwonDo Alliance (ITA) on the cover and in an 8 page article focused on Tiger Rock Academy locations around the world. Jeff Dousharm, a 6th Degree Master and local business owner is featured in three of the photos in the article including trips to Korea and seminars he has led at international events.

Master Jeff Dousharm and Mr. Jason Reed are owners of six Tiger Rock Academy locations in Lincoln, Firth and Ceresco. Dousharm also owns two locations in Omaha and one in Pensacola, FL. Tiger Rock Academy has served the greater Lincoln area for over 15 years and has become a resource for families, schools, businesses and more. From Personal Safety Presentations to Corporate Wellness Programs to the 1600 plus students and family members who come to Tiger Rock Academies every day in Lincoln, Tiger Rock Academy staff and Instructors teach much more than kicking and punching. Tiger Rock TaeKwonDo lessons are specifically designed for Tiger Pals (age 2-3), Tiger Cubs (age 4-5), Juniors (age 6-12, and Adults (age 13+). Tiger Rock Academy also offers Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Yoga as daily lessons for its students and families.

Dousharm states that the ITA and Tiger Rock Academies continue to grow and spread due to the incredible opportunities presented for people to obtain staff positions and even business ownership in such a positive atmosphere and organization. To find out more about training (age 2 and up), wellness programs or even staffing opportunities at Tiger Rock Academy, call 402-483-101 or visit