Hallow Candle Co. is pleased to announce that they have launched their website at http://hallowcandle.com.  Now everyone can browse, buy and ship their Hallow favorites from the comfort of their own home or office!  The new website allows customers to be a part of Hallow Candle Co. without having to brave the cold winter days.

Hallow Candle Co. is a locally owned and operated store on 33rd and O St. that specializes in handmade soy candles, goats milk Soaps, and spa products.  Hallow uses natural materials in all of their products and utilizes recycled materials as much as possible, making Hallow Candle Co. good for you, good for your home and good for the environment!

For more information about Hallow Candle Co., visit their new website at http://hallowcandle.com or contact Sarah Allison at 474-3940.