Adjuvance Technologies Teams with Oragenics to Develop 2nd-Generation COVID Vaccine

Lincoln-based biotechnology company Adjuvance Technologies ( has entered a partnership with Oragenics Inc. to begin development of a second-generation vaccine against COVID-19. A second-generation of vaccines against COVID-19 are expected to provide benefits over the quickly developed first generation vaccines including protection with fewer doses, fewer side-effects, and a vast expansion of the number of doses available annually. TQL-1055, the lead candidate of Adjuvance, could be a critical component of enabling these important second-generation vaccines.

Dr. Tyler Martin, the CEO of Adjuvance, is “delighted that our team will be engaged in development of the critical second-generation of vaccines against COVID-19. In addition to our own product development, we believe that our technology has the potential to play an important role in the development of COVID-19 vaccines.”

Adjuvance is pursuing similar agreements with other developers of COVID-19 vaccines. These partnerships will help to advance the company alongside the internal development of next generation saponin adjuvants and adjuvanted vaccines.

Adjuvance Technologies ( is a Nebraska Innovation Campus partner. More information on this partnership can be found on the website of Oragenics at Dr. Martin is available for additional information by contacting him at