Continuum EAP was recognized at the annual WorkWell awards banquet with the Governor’s Excellence in Wellness Award Grower Designation. Continuum has always been a leader in addressing the emotional aspects of wellness; helping employees and families of their member companies deal with the stresses of everyday life and achieve work/life balance. In order to meet the growing demand for wellness services, Continuum had added services that support both company and individual wellness efforts including the services of a certified wellness coach to EAP members.

With the added focus on wellness, the staff at Continuum felt it important to strengthen their own commitment to leading healthier lifestyles. Continuum’s own wellness program established goals to be achieved with a monthly scorecard tailored to focus on the whole person. Each month different dimensions of wellness were addressed including: physical, emotional, social, environmental, occupational and financial. The focus areas were established based upon the results of a health risk assessment (HRA). Participants in the program earn monthly and annual incentives based on the number of goals achieved. Outcomes from the program include: Half of the program’s participants reported a reduction in their Body Mass Index (BMI), the number of people eating the recommended daily allowance of vegetables increased by 33%, and 89% of the Continuum staff completed blood work profiles and health risk assessments.

For questions and additional information about wellness and EAP services, please contact Kristine Brennan, Executive Director at 402-476-0186 or visit