Lifeline by Immanuel Provides Vital Safety Net for 2,000 Area Residents

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More than 2,000 Nebraska and Iowa residents now rely on Lifeline by Immanuel to provide the confidence and peace of mind they need to maintain their independence. They feel safe living alone, knowing help is immediately available at the push of a button.

Introduced in 1982, Lifeline by Immanuel has grown from five units to more than 2,000, and has incorporated numerous technological advancements. To meet changing individual needs, a medication and personal reminder assistant is now available to provide pre-programmed daily medication and social reminder announcements. A personal medication system is also offered to provide automatic, accurate and monitored physical dispensing of scheduled medications – right at home.

On average, one of every three adults over age 65 has a fall each year, making falls the most common cause of injury or death in the home. Lifeline by Immanuel allows those most at risk of falling to live safely in their homes. If an emergency should occur, a simple touch of a button signals a call for help that is answered by a trained operator. Viewing the subscriber’s name, address and critical information on a computer screen, the operator communicates with the subscriber to assess the situation, and dispatches professional help if needed.

Contact Immanuel Lifeline at (402) 829-3277 or (800) 676-9449 (outside the Omaha metro area) for additional information or go online to

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