Lincoln Community Foundation Grants Nearly $1 Million


Lincoln Community Foundation Grants Nearly $1 Million

Thanks to the foresight of generous donors, Lincoln Community Foundation made grants in November 2017 of more than $943,000 for 150 different organizations.

The grants came from designated funds that were created by donors to support the programs and operations of their favorite nonprofits and houses of worship. These endowed funds provide annual financial support to the organizations specified by the donors, helping the community and the nonprofits grow and thrive forever.

LCF recently announced a new initiative providing a 10% match on new gifts of $10,000 or more to a designated endowment fund for a donor or group of donor’s favorite nonprofit or house of worship. The match is available until December 2018. Details can be found at

Since 1955, LCF has been privileged to be part of many wonderful legacies by matching community needs with the passions of our donors. LCF serves as a faithful steward for many types of philanthropic gifts and help donors create lasting legacies of giving. With gifts of all sizes from thousands of donors over the years, the assets of LCF have grown to more than $120 million.