Short Bowel Syndrome Foundation Holds Lincoln Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting

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Andy Jablonski is pleased to announce his business, the Short Bowel Syndrome Foundation, held a ribbon cutting on December 7th with the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce to celebrate their second anniversary in business.

The Short Bowel Syndrome Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization that raises awareness, support, and provides educational opportunities for those patients who live with Short Bowel Syndrome, or any digestive disease. The Foundation gave out $3000 in patient financial support in 2012 and plans to continue their patient assistance program into the 2013 year by increasing their awards from 6 to 12 a year.

The Short Bowel Syndrome Foundation’s (SBSF) mission is to educate, support, and empower patients who live with the condition and the healthcare providers who help patients to manage Short Bowel Syndrome. SBSF empowers patients and their families to live fuller lives by connecting them to necessary resources, creating a lifeline of hope.

For more information about Short Bowel Syndrome Foundation, please call 1-888-740-1666 ext. 1 or visit:

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