People’s City Mission (PCM, is very excited to announce the start of a One Year Drug Relapse Program, set to launch at the beginning of 2023. The goal of the program is to help up to ten men and five women at a time. The program will consist of extensive addiction recovery counseling, training, class work, and a work program. PCM will provide this service at no cost to participants, however 20 hours a week of work will be required to offset costs of room and board in PCM’s Curtis Center.

Anyone interested in participating in this program should contact Curtis Center Director Earl Richardson at (402) 475-1303, ext. 132, or

The Curtis Center offers transitional housing for individuals seeking a new start on life. They offer evidenced-based, cognitive behavioral programming to give Curtis Center residents tools and support for positive life changes and self-sufficiency.

People’s City Mission was started in 1907 by local churches, offering food and shelter for transient and impoverished men, women, and children. Today, the People’s City Mission is Lincoln’s primary homeless shelter housing 350 people on an average day. They greatly appreciate your continued support of Lincoln’s most vulnerable. For more information, please call (402) 475-1303 or visit