Have you ever wished you could go back and listen to your favorite talk show on KZUM? Perhaps you missed some dog training tips on Canine 360; or maybe you were busy at work and couldn’t hear the live broadcast of How’s it Growin’?  Well now you don’t have to worry. These are just two of the 11 talk shows that are now available as a podcast on our website.

Go to www.kzum.org and click on the ‘programming tab’ and scroll down to ‘podcasts’.  Download the show to your favorite listening device or stay right there to listen as you work at your computer.  KZUM is the heartbeat of your community because it’s now more convenient for you!

For more information about KZUM, or to learn about volunteer opportunities, please contact Jill Mathis at jmathis@kzum.org or call 474-5086 Ext. 6.