Shape Up! is excited to announce the addition of the Perfector – The Facial Rejuvenation System.  The Perfector provides a completely natural face lift utilizing cellular regeneration technology.  The Perfector does not use laser, heat, light, chemicals or any other type of trauma to achieve results.  The procedure is completely non-invasive and painless with absolutely no downtime.  The results are amazing and instant.

The Perfector diminishes wrinkles, reduces dark circles and puffy eyes, increases Collagen and Elastin, firms and tones, lifts sagging muscles, and reduces melasma, pigmentation, acne and Rosecea.  Each session is about 60 minutes in length. While one session will give stunning results in most cases, a series of treatments and periodic touchups are recommended to restore and sustain a healthy, natural, youthful radiance.

Shape Up! opened in Lincoln in 2007 with the Arasys Body Shaping System, the latest solution for your frustration with diets and exercise.  The Arasys has helped hundreds of men and women in Lincoln lose inches, burn fat, reduce cellulite and build muscle. Both the Arasys and the Perfector are FDA approved and are the only machines on the market today with this exclusive technology.

More information about Shape Up! and on the technology found on their web site – Call Jill at Shape Up! to set up your introductory session at 475-2526.