The YMCA of Lincoln, NE is pleased to announce a new “Express Y” facility expected to open January 1, 2012 which will expand its services for children and families.  The facility is located at 1701 Pine Lake Road.  This location will primarily serve members who are accustomed to traveling to the Cooper Y at 6767 S. 14 Street and will provide additional space & opportunities within the general service area.  The facility will be a free added value for any Lincoln YMCA member as well as anyone wishing to join the Y.

This new 5,000 square foot facility will provide ample parking, additional space for the Y’s child watch service which is free to members while they are participating in Y activities in the facility, family exercise, wellness consultations, individualized health programs as well as a soon to be offered NEW program called “NEXT STEP”.  This program will be tailored to the individual who is new to exercise, to the individual who is wishing to return to a more consistent pattern of exercise or to the regular exerciser who is wishing to enhance his/her exercise program.

For more information about The YMCA of Lincoln, NE, please contact Barb Bettin at (402) 434-9201 or go online at