Tiger Rock Academy continues to expand and offer the community more training opportunities.  The newest academy will be opening on or about Feb 15th at approximately 16th and Yankee Hill, right in front of “Lost In Fun”.  The new Academy will offer three primary programs:  Health and Fitness Classes, Counter Aggression Arts for Adults, and Traditional Martial Arts for Kids.  Health and fitness classes include Kickboxing, KISADO interval fitness, and Yoga.  On the martial arts side, Tiger Rock offers TaeKwonDo, Jiu-Jitsu and HanMuDo.  Each of these arts have adults and children separated for most of their classes and then offer two “family” classes each week.  In addition to their internal programs, Tiger Rock also offers major programs that partner with the community such as highly interactive Corporate Wellness Programs, Partners In Learning presentations with schools, self-defense and rape prevention seminars, security staff training, and many programs with moms groups, scouts, and others.

For more information about Tiger Rock Academy of Lincoln’s programs, seminars or corporate wellness opportunities, contact Beth at 483-1011 or BLeipold@gmail.com or visit us online at http://tracademy.com/.