March 1st marked the first day of opportunity for people to become a part of Tiger Rock Academy’s weight loss challenge.  Though a few other organizations have hosted challenges like this before, Tiger Rock Academy differs as they address more than just working out.  Exercise, nutrition, supplementation and stress management all play key roles in participants hitting their goals.  Tiger Rock delivers with 1) exercise options ranging from kickboxing to martial arts, 2) nutrition seminars, 3) an expanded line of supplements with no hype, and 4) classes on stress relief and how stress damages our body and our metabolism.

Tiger Rock Academy continues to set up ZERO COST Wellness Programs for companies in Lincoln and Omaha, but everyone can be a part of the weight loss challenge and enjoy the benefits.

To find out more about how you can work on your best body to show off this summer, contact Tiger Rock Academy at, or call 483-1011.