We specialize in being flexible, nimble, and reliable. ALLO (allofiber.com) goes above and beyond to ensure that service delivery meets your expectations and timeline. Choose ALLO for a local company with all the features and functionality of the national providers with the uptime and dependability of ALLO’s private network.

Who Is ALLO?

ALLO was founded in the Midwest with a big mission: to improve quality of life by delivering world-class, fiber solutions to our cities. True to our roots, ALLO set out to do business the right way, with honesty and our customers’ best interests in mind. ALLO’s growth and success are due to our reputation for outstanding customer service, technical capabilities, experienced, knowledgeable personnel, and superior products. ALLO provides customers with the most modern network and employs a team of engineers, operators, and technical experts who collaborate with customers to develop creative and dependable solutions to utilize ALLO’s fiber network.

Core Values:


  • Close relationship with communities
  • Local employees


  • Efficient construction interval
  • Easy to do business


  • Customers, vendors, associates
  • Fair, no pricing gimmicks


  • Service platform
  • Implementation of technology



Technology Highlights:

  • Fully protected, redundant, and private network
  • 100% fiber-optic transport
  • Scalable Ethernet solutions with speeds up to 100 Gbps
  • Connected2Fiber Technology Parter

Lincoln, NE Case Study:

  • 300 miles of conduit
  • 8 million linear feet of fiber
  • 3-year ubiquitous project build
  • 2015 – 28th fastest ISP in Nebraska
  • 2020 – 4th Fastest ISP in the country (top 100 cities)
  • 2022 – 2nd fastest ISP in the North Central USA

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