Union Bank & Trust Specializes in Creative Financing for Small Business

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UBT Specializes in Creative Financing for Small Business

Serving small businesses and start-ups is not a new venture for Union Bank. They’ve been doing it for the past – well, 100 years. Then, in 2013, they formalized their efforts in serving start-up businesses with Catalyst; a program designed to serve small businesses and start-ups with the services they need, when they need it.

Goldenrod Pastries - Union Bank & Trust Catalyst Program

Goldenrod Pastries (Angela Garbacz, Owner) and CompanyCam (Luke Hansen, Founder & CEO) are part of Lincoln’s thriving business community.


“Naturally, financing and business banking is a piece of what we do,” said Tullen Mabbutt, UBT’s Business Banking Advocate. “The Catalyst Program contains so much more of what’s important to a new business. We’re often the connector to a whole network of people that can help a new business thrive. Whether I’m helping a client with their cash flow analysis or pointing them to a resource for legal advice, I take my role as advocate literally.”

“It’s about being flexible and listening. If we truly understand who the business owner is and what they’re trying to achieve, we know we can help them be successful.”  – Stephanie Dinger, Vice President — Small Business

The Catalyst program integrates many vital pieces that small businesses need to succeed.


  • It provides resources to reference and get assistance on basic business essentials
  • A network of professionals to help
  • A meeting space to invite creativity and strategic thinking
  • Products and services to tie it all together
  • Access to speakers and past presentations with valuable business knowledge

Union Bank’s Small Business team is responsive and quick, ready to learn more about each client and their business. From traditional banking to the Catalyst program, they understand entrepreneurs and are ready to help. To get started, contact a business advocate today.

Stephanie Dinger
Vice President
Small Business Banking

Tullen Mabbutt
Business Banking Advocate
Small Business Banking


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