The Fourth Secret of Guerilla Marketing is CONFIDENCE


So far I have presented the first three of The 16 Monumental Secrets of Guerilla Marketing–principles presented by Jay Conrad Levinson in his national bestseller GUERILLA MARKETING—COMMITMENT to your marketing plan, considering marketing as an INVESTMENT, and maintaining CONSISTENCY in your marketing efforts.  The fourth secret is CONFIDENCE.  It is crucial to make your prospective clients/customers confident in your offerings through your marketing; just as crucial as your own confidence in what you have to offer.  Levinson asserts, “Confidence is extremely important to you—more important than quality, than selection, than price, than service.  Confidence will be your ally.  And commitment, as proven by consistent marketing, will breed confidence.”  As consistency in your marketing efforts snowballs into a successful campaign that continues to build momentum, your confidence in yourself, your business, your people, your marketing, and your mission will grow and strengthen.

Over the years, one of the most rewarding aspects of my business has been seeing my clients gain more and more confidence (and sales, of course!) as a result of utilizing our products and services to their advantage in consistently marketing themselves. These are businesses that often didn’t enter the market with huge campaigns, budgets, events and fireworks—they started with what they could afford and stayed the course.  The most important part was that they were following their calling, and were confident despite how scary taking the initial leap of faith may have been.  Making the investment in marketing themselves consistently allowed them to plant their seed and to watch their sales grow.

Now, they are widely recognized as reputable local businesses—and not just because of a small ad and possibly even a few press releases they placed in our publication, but because of the confidence they had in promoting their businesses, and themselves as an Expert in their respective industries, with the same unwavering message every single month for years.  The community is now familiar with these businesses, which have garnered top of mind recognition from their audience, so in turn they are confident in their offerings…and they are comfortable in making that purchase decision.

As the late Rosalynn Carter famously said, “You have to have confidence in your ability, and then be tough enough to follow through.” Among other things, your marketing will bolster your credibility, thus making your prospective clients confident in doing business with you.  And true to the domino effect, this will set off a chain of events that boost your confidence as you continue to blaze your trail in the business community.  Confidence is infectious, and my advice is to first find it (which can be more difficult for some than others) and then use it to your advantage and take it with you everywhere you go.

I have 100% confidence in my team and in the products and services we bring together for our clients, and it shows.  Now be sure to add CONFIDENCE in the marketing of your offering and watch things really take off.

by Paige Zutavern, President