Welcome to the March 2011 Issue of Strictly Business Magazine


As spring draws  nearer, we get excited to start working on stories that have a bit of a ‘warm up’ feel to them!

The first is the kick-off to our construction series: Commercial Construction.  This is a great read for those business owners who are thinking about building their own office in the future.  We’ve got some great information on the current state of the construction industry as well as handy tips on which professionals you should work with and what’s going on in the Lincoln building community!

Our second story we’re exciting about is Planning Your Wedding.  Future brides all begin a planning frenzy when the snow starts to melt and wedding season begins…even if their own wedding isn’t until NEXT spring or summer!  All brides to be or future brides to be (as well as their parents!) should take a look at this story as it’s packed full of useful tips from the experts!

Of course, as the weather warms up we all want to go outside and enjoy it, right?  Well to really do it right, you need to be healthy and that’s what our third story is all about.  Alternative/Sports Health focuses on staying healthy through weight maintenance, exercise, chiropractic care and more!  Make sure you take a look!

Finally, if you feel your business is a little stale, you need some new leads or you just want to get more involved in the community, you should read our Joining Organizations article for some great groups in the area you should look into joining!

Hope everyone is having a great month and as always, thanks for reading!

Of course, we’re always looking for ideas and topics that provide value to our readers.  If you are interested in suggesting a topic, contributing, being part of a future feature, or need help in crafting your press release, just email us here  info@Strictly-Business.com.

by Angela Woltman, Vice President of Operations
Strictly Business Magazine Lincoln