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Client Advocacy

I’ve spent many days in the last month at the bedside of my gravely ill mother-in-law. I had the opportunity to help her, but I was also there as her medical power of attorney to advocate for her care, ask questions and have a voice in the medical decisions that were being made. It was her time to leave this life and we have said our goodbyes. We all get our turns to experience the circle of life, don’t we?

The role of advocating for our clients is a responsibility that we are passionate about. It’s easy for the individual who doesn’t use healthcare services very often. It can be quite complicated when there is a serious medical situation. Do you know all of the details about your health insurance policy? Even if you read the entire document, you may not understand all of the insurance lingo. Your professional insurance agent is the trusted resource that you need to guide you, whether it’s just a question about your benefits or when you need help with a major issue. This might include:

  • How to find out whether a doctor or hospital is in the network for your plan. Categories such as behavioral health specialists or medical equipment providers can be more difficult to find.
  • Determining if a medication that your doctor is recommending is on the formulary for your health plan and how much it will cost.
  • Guiding employers through compliance issues.
  • How to access health care when you are traveling.
  • What happens if you have a medical issue in a foreign country?
  • Assisting with claims.
  • What about air ambulance charges?
  • Submitting an appeal when a recommended procedure has been declined for coverage or a medication is not on the formulary.
  • Finding a resolution when the insurance company or has made an error.

The real difference that a health insurance agent provides is not about selling a policy; it’s about finding the RIGHT coverage for you and continuing to advocate for you and your employees.

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