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Carriers Offering Healthy Living Programs for 2020

Ringing in the New Year often leads people to focus on new goals. Health, physical fitness, and eating well are the most common New Year’s Resolutions. Did you know that your insurance company may have a program to help you reach those goals? Let’s look at some of the healthy living programs that carriers are offering in 2020.

Blue Cross Blue Shield’s Blue365® offers you exclusive access to savings on select products such as activity tracking devices, fitness center memberships, athletic footwear, and other products and services to support a healthy lifestyle. Members are able to get discounts on weight management, health eating, and meal delivery programs from Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, and Sun Basket, as well as discounts on hearing, vision, and dental products and services.

United HealthCare has a program called “Motion” that is centered on three activity thresholds: Frequency, Intensity and Tenacity. You can receive an activity tracker that monitors your activity and displays your progress towards the goals. By meeting the three daily walking goals each day, money is rewarded to help pay your out of pocket expenses. You could earn up to $1,095 per year.

Medica’s program is called “Healthy Living”. Healthy Living provides resources and tools to help you improve your health—plus a community of others to support you along the way. There are personalized online programs for your mind, body, and habits to support you in the gym and beyond. Every time you log in to their app and work on your health, you’ll earn reward points. You can redeem those points for discounts at local businesses.

Bright Health’s Rewards Program offers members a Rewards Visa® card that is loaded with cash when you take advantage of opportunities to improve your health and wellness; activities such as selecting a primary care physician, getting a flu shot, and taking a health survey. Every member on the policy can earn the rewards. In addition, Bright provides four days of meals delivered to your house after each hospital stay and up to four rides to doctor appointments within 25 miles.

National General is offering a “Vitality Wellness” program. The program is to help employees focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Vitality Check—A confidential biometric screening that helps guide employees to action. Employees will receive a $25 Amazon gift card for completing their Vitality Check. Employees have access to their Rewards mall where they can redeem their Vitality bucks for a variety of fitness devices and gift cards.

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