Get involved & gain greater credibility with BOTH PEOPLE AND THE SEARCH ENGINES.

The reason most people get involved with Strictly Business Magazine is to gain greater credibility with BOTH PEOPLE AND THE SEARCH ENGINES.  To set themselves apart from the competition. For over 25 years we helped our clients LOCK IN THEIR STATUS AS THE EXPERT in their field, and to stay away from competing on price. And the way we do that is by creating and publishing tons of Editorial Content and Press Coverage for them.  Press that no only appears in print, but also online and on social media.  All this interviewing, writing and editorial content is FREE, its value added, it costs you nothing extra for this service, nothing.  That’s why people choose to partner and invest with Strictly Business Magazine.  No one else does this, not one of our competitors. Not the social media companies, not the TV stations, not the Radio stations, not the newspapers, no other print publications do this for their clients. Right now we have over 50 clients who have been marketing with us month after month after month for over 10 years, and even some clients have been with us for over 20 years.  And it is for the simple reason is that they understand all the extraordinary value we bring to them and their company.

The internet has revolutionized our business in 3 major ways and has just made our marketing services even more powerful and effective than ever.

1.  Now the goal of our marketing is to drive people to your Facebook page and/or website.

2.  Google has given exceptional high credibility upon our clients press posted on our website, which gives you serious backlink power and 1st page search engine results.  (click here to see our Google Analytics that shows the over 12.7 million times our client’s posts have been viewed in search results)

3.  It has amplified our core skills [Content Marketing] making us even more powerful as all our client’s press is posted on the web, on Twitter and on Facebook.

Now more than ever it makes sense for you to partner with Strictly Business Magazine, contact us now to learn more.

10 Reasons to Advertise In Strictly Business Magazine

1. 25+ Years of Proven Success Promoting Our Clients with Advertisements and Content Marketing
2. Lincoln’s Only Monthly Business News & Marketing Magazine
3. Guaranteed Direct Mailing To Over 10,000 with 75,000 Local Readers
4. Over 54 Special Feature Editorial Focus Stories
5. Editorial Content Designed for Both B2B & B2C Readers
6. Professional Writers Create & Edit Your Editorial Content
7. 100% of Your Editorial Content is Posted & Indexed on the Web
8. All Client Content is posted on Twitter & is Social Media Ready
9. Full page ad costs less than $25/day & 16th page ad less than $4.50/day
10. Editorial / Content Marketing support that adds up to over $10,227 in Value Added services for FREE.

Our Clients Love Us,
But you don’t have to take our word for it…

John Berry • Berry Law
Aaron Newell • AR Solutions
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