gear80 – Get Your 2018 Business Plan on 1 Sheet of Paper: Part 2

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gear80 – Get Your 2018 Business Plan on 1 Sheet of Paper: Part 2

We’re in the season for business planning, football, and beers around the backyard firepit—it’s a busy time! Keep the business planning part simple and effective with one sheet of paper.

The Vision/Traction Organizer (V/TO) gets your complete vision and plan on a piece of paper. All your employees then share the vision and execute it. Last month, I told you about the first three questions on the V/TO: Core Values (who are we), Core Focus (what do we do, and why), and 10-Year Target (where are we going).

Now, the remaining V/TO questions. When you and your leadership team discover together your answers, and strengthen the Six Key Components of your business, you’ll get everything you want from your business. Growth? Profit? Fun? Yes, yes, and yes.

Marketing Strategy: Who’s our ideal client? Let’s define who they are, where they are, and how they think. Next, what are our Three Uniques? Let’s define what makes us uniquely different from our competitors. Finally, let’s talk only about our Three Uniques, only to our ideal clients. You get laser-focused marketing. No “spray and pray.”

Three-Year Picture: Let’s describe how the company’s going to look and feel in just three short years. When we can all see it in our mind’s eye, we’re more likely to get there together.

1-Year Plan: What are the three to seven things we must do, and can do, this year to accomplish about a third of our Three-Year Picture? Challenge yourself to keep it to three goals. Across the 3,900 companies Professional EOS Implementers like me coach, those that do less accomplish far more.

Rocks: You need something you can move this quarter, so carve three to seven Rocks off your 1-Year Plan boulder. This is what gets you Traction: Planning out what must and can get done now to accomplish about one-quarter of your 1-Year Plan, then working only on that for 90 days. Don’t get distracted! Focus.

Issues: Let’s get all our problems out of our heads and onto our Issues List, then one by one set ‘em up, knock ‘em down, and make ‘em go away forever. Successful people are just really good at solving their issues.

Vision/Traction Organizer ( to download the tool) is part of the Entrepreneurial Operating System: A complete, proven system with simple tools that help you get three things we call vision, traction, and healthy.

Text or call me at (402) 202-2820 if any of this resonates with you. I’d love to show you and your leadership team how to get vision, traction, and healthy right away.

John Fulwider is a professional EOS Implementer.

gear80 provides a proven system with a complete set of practical tools to help you get three things; vision, traction, healthy.


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