John Fulwider: gear80 – Losing Business Traction Isn’t Like Losing Bicycle Traction

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John Fulwider: gear80 – Losing Business Traction Isn’t Like Losing Bicycle Traction

Biking along 48th Street in Lincoln after a nice rain, I hit a mud patch on the sidewalk and lost traction.

And then it hit me (a thought, not a tree): Losing traction on my bike is a sudden “Yikes!” event. It’s scary, but then it’s done. Losing traction in business is a long-term, drawn-out “Ugh.” It’s a series of frustrating events, day in and day out.

Without traction in your business, you spin your wheels for a long time and get nowhere. You run mentally into one or more of these five frustrations:

  • Your people. You’re not all on the same page, and certainly not rowing in the same direction.
  • Your profit. There’s not enough of it—though it seems you’re pushing harder than you ever have before!
  • Your control. It seems like your business owns you.
  • Your growth. Your business has hit a ceiling, and so (seemingly) have you, no matter what you’ve tried.
  • Your solutions. Your people roll their eyes these days at change initiatives because strategy shifts and quick fixes haven’t worked.

Getting my bicycle traction back involved a simple, quick steering correction.

You can get traction in your business with a simple steering correction as well. It won’t be as quick; it typically takes 24 months. But when you’ve got it, you’ll have:

  • Brought discipline and accountability into your company
  • Become great at execution
  • Taken your vision down to the ground level and made it real (where the rubber meets the road, you might say, if you were as given to humorously referencing clichés as I am)

The Entrepreneurial Operating System is the simple, complete and proven way thousands of business owners in every industry have stopped spinning their wheels. They’ve realized they’re:

  • Pushing harder on the gas pedal (or the bicycle pedals, as it were)
  • Working longer hours
  • And not seeing the business results they want, all while …
  • Spending too much time at work
  • Spending too little time with their families
  • And not enjoying the work itself

And then, the ones who are growth-oriented and willing to be open and honest get help from a Professional EOS Implementer, and they get traction.

So, look at the orange wheel on this page. Which portion seems missing, bald, or flat? That’s where you need to work, and where I can help. Text or call me anytime—just use a headset if you’re calling from the bike trail!

John Fulwider is a professional EOS Implementer. gear80 provides a proven system with a complete set of practical tools to help you get three things; vision, traction, healthy.


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