Sadoff – What to Expect When You Recycle at Sadoff

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What to Expect When You Recycle at Sadoff

Who can bring their material to Sadoff Iron & Metal for recycling? Everyone. We collect and process material from many different groups of people, including individuals and tradesmen, industrial accounts, and dealers.

Individuals and Tradesmen—Many of our customers are homeowners that are cleaning out the garage, basement, or needing to properly dispose of old appliances. We also accept material from farmstead clean-ups, such as, old machinery, fencing and building tin. Tradesmen, such as, plumbers, electricians, roofing and siding companies, etc. are welcome to recycle their jobsite scraps, as well as, any unused raw material.

Industrial Accounts—A large portion of our customer base are industrial accounts. This includes manufacturers, fabrication shops, distribution centers, and automotive shops. At most industrial accounts, we have equipment placed to collect their recyclables. We offer roll-offs, gondola trailers, totes, self-dumping hoppers, and van trailers for placement. Our transportation department manages the equipment and trucking required to ensure the production of our customers continues without interruption.

Dealers—Lastly, we purchase materials from dealers in the area and across the country. Our dealer relationships provide us the opportunity to purchase specific material that we supply to the end user. Dealer loads are delivered to us by tractor trailer or by rail car.

The Process—Here is an example of what you can expect as an individual when bringing your material. If you have never scrapped with us before, we encourage you to stop in at the front office for instructions. You will be greeted. From there, our inspector will inspect your material to determine whether you need to proceed to the warehouse or be directed to the truck scale. If you are directed to the warehouse the staff will provide you with the equipment needed to unload your material and will assist you to the warehouse scale. The next step will be grading and weighing each type of material. The warehouse staff will give you ticket listing all material and weights. Next, return to the front office with your ticket for pricing and payment. If you are directed to the truck scale, you will be weighed and then shown the correct unloading area. Safety equipment is required and will provided by the front office. You can unload your material or have our yard staff unload with equipment. Once unloaded you will reweigh on the truck scale to determine the weight of your material. Lastly, return to the front office for payment.

If you are a dealer or industrial company and you have not done business with us before, please contact us for information on the steps of becoming a partner with Sadoff Iron & Metal.

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