Located in the spot where DP Dough once stood, Mallory’s has opened its doors.

Serving the trifecta gastropub-style cuisine, Mallory’s is a perfect lunchtime spot on 14th and O Street.
Nick Rowan, the owner, describes the place as American cuisine with a touch of Irish flair. Their goal is to serve good food with fresh ingredients.

“Mallory’s was created to deliver great food, drinks, and service,” Rowan said. “We offer amazing steak burgers, and then as we are migrating into warmer weather we’ll have salad wraps.”

Open 10:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday, they also serve all-day brunch, classic wraps, and a variety of hot dogs. In the colder months, Rowan mentioned they will make homemade scratch soups.
Developed in 2017, the original Mallory’s location was in Western Nebraska and was open for three years. Eventually, they moved to Lincoln to their current location.

“It was one of our passions,” Rowan said. “We always wanted to bring it back.”

Mallory’s is owned by the group that owns DP Dough. Rowan mentioned they do not plan to stay open for the late-night bar crowd.

“We really want to be more of a lunch joint,” Rowan said. “If there are local artists that want to come in and play jazz or stuff like that, that is the kind of stuff we want. I want this to be a mellow, relaxed place with hearty, healthy food.”

The original Mallory’s had a coffee program, ice cream, and a full bar. Rowan has said they plan on bringing back the coffee program in a few months.

“As things grow, we will grow back into [coffee and ice cream],” Rowan said.

Rowan recommends the Reuben sandwich, as it is the most popular thing on the menu. It’s the sandwich that started it all. The Reuben features cuts of Mallory’s savory corned beef topped with tangy kraut and drizzled with thousand island dressing served between two slices of fresh toasted marble rye. A true classic.