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Flicker Promotions

Flicker Promotions ( is a premier concierge promotional products distributor headquartered in Lincoln, NE. With the mission to provide the highest standard of personal service, Flicker Promotions relieves the stress of promotional marketing, applying their expertise along with the requirements provided to curate a collection of options specific to each client. Their job is to ensure a brand is promoted in a way that brings value to the client and the client’s customers. Flicker Promotions works with businesses, educational institutions and non-profit organizations of all sizes across the country.

As your promotional partner, Flicker Promotions aims to arm you with promotional material that will stir your target audience to activity and keep you ahead of the competition. Contact Amy Doele with Flicker Promotions at (402) 540-3077 or visit the company’s website at to spark inspiration!


Rob-See-Co ( is a new seed company with roots that go back more than 125 years and five generations of the Robinson family. Inspired in response to the mergers and acquisitions that dramatically changed the seed business, the company has brought back everything that makes working with a regional seed company great – with local people who have a passion for the seed business.

That means combining today’s technology with producer-friendly relationships. It also means simplifying the process, so it’s easier for growers to know what products are going to work best on their farms and what they’re going to pay. And at the same time, provide Rob-See-Co Business Associates a unique and profitable direct-selling business model.

You’ll work with the best people in the business at Rob-See-Co, who understand the value relationship plays in delivering an unforgettable customer experience. Get in touch with Rob-See-Co at (402) 218-1356 or learn more at

Smile Out Loud Foundation

Starting February 1st, scholarship applications are available for download on the Smile Out Loud website! Students with a Dyslexia diagnosis are welcome to apply. To spread the word or download an application, visit

The Smile Out Loud Foundation was founded by Executive Director David Staenberg. Growing up in Lincoln, Staenberg is known as the “Free Smile Guy” around Lincoln. Staenberg was diagnosed with Dyslexia and his positive mindset led him to becoming an author and life coach in conjunction with the foundation to raise money for college scholarships for Dyslexic youth. Throughout his life, Staenberg has often come across people who assign limitations to him due to his learning disability. His experiences have motivated him to increase awareness and scholarship funding for college students with Dyslexia. Staenberg is always more than happy to speak to organizations about learning disabilities and Dyslexia. To learn more about his story, the Smile Out Loud Foundation and how you can participate in spreading the word about Dyslexia and to donate, please visit


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