LIBA New Members – June 2020

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Ball, Loudon, Ebert, & Brostrom, LLC

Ball, Loudon, Ebert, & Brostrom, LLC is a boutique estate and business law firm. They have over 50 years of combined experience serving a wide range of clients. Their specialized focus allows them to stay current on rapidly changing estate and business legal trends. They serve clients all throughout Nebraska, as well as Kansas and Iowa. Their team has extensive experience guiding fiduciaries through the estate administration process so that assets are efficiently transferred to the next generation. Ball, Loudon, Ebert, & Brostrom works with a wide array of individuals and families on guardianships, Medicaid, retirement planning, and more. They can also assist clients with their business planning and goals. Their sophisticated, innovative, and client-responsive legal services are highly equipped to most aspects of commercial law. This includes copyright and trademark protection, mergers, acquisitions, and more. To learn more, go to or call (402) 420-6091.

CAL-ING Insurance Services

CAL-ING Insurance Services is a locally-owned and -operated insurance agency that provides life, home, auto, health, and even international health insurance for vacations. Each letter in CAL stands for a member of Owner An (Bo) Nguyen’s family (his wife Courtney, himself, and his daughter Lauren). CAL itself was his son’s name—his son Calvin passed in 2009, and Bo wanted to carry on his name. The second part of CAL-ING derives directly from ING Services in Mississippi. One of Bo’s close friends owns ING Services and supported Bo as he planned to open his own small business. CAL-ING’s office is located at 2701 O St., STE 2. Their mission is to provide financial knowledge to families from all walks of life, so they can protect themselves from an uncertain future. To learn more, go to their Facebook page (@CALINGLLC) or contact Bo directly at (402) 314-0683 /

Ground Clearance, LLC

Ground Clearance just celebrated their 10th year in business providing lien search services to the businesses who buy and sell heavy equipment—both construction and agriculture. The service helps customers prevent their deals from becoming liabilities and helps to gain peace of mind when moving forward with a purchase or sale, or to know when to run from a deal. After all, you don’t want to adopt someone else’s debt when you buy equipment, and you certainly don’t want to pay for it twice because of an outstanding lien.

Working with auction companies, construction companies, and dedicated or independent dealerships, Ground Clearance is a full-service company meeting needs simple and complex. Services ranging from a UCC search to working with seller’s and their creditors for payoffs, lien releases, and terminations. They also file liens for companies who sell or rent/lease their inventory. Liens are filed and searched by the debtor name in the United States, not by machinery or serial number. Ground Clearance searches in any jurisdiction nationwide and Canada. For more information, visit / or call (402) 484-5071.


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