Lincoln Independent Business Association – Saying “It’s OK!”

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Saying “It’s OK!”

Recently, during a conversation with one of our children, I realized an important statement we need to be making for businesses and for our community. That statement is, “it’s OK!” We were having a conversation about the two of us getting to go out again and enjoy a theatre experience. In the conversation, I sensed some apprehension, and I realized it was important for me to reassure her, “it’s OK!” It’s OK for us to go out and enjoy entertainment—the venues are taking precautions for us to be able to attend without apprehension. This conversation helped me realize that we need to really help guide our community to understand, “it’s OK!”

Each and every day, we all must come together to support local. Just the other day, I was walking through downtown Lincoln and saw the number of empty store fronts and businesses which are closed. Rarely does a day go by without a conversation hearing of another business which hasn’t reopened or, worse, a business that will be closing because of these difficult times. We can all come together to help our local businesses through this difficult time.

It is important for all of us to spread the message, “it’s OK!” Last month, I encouraged you to Be Bold, Be Responsible, and Shop Local. Please share this message with your friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors. Also, make sure you encourage them, “it’s OK” for them to Be Bold, Be Responsible, and get back to dining out at their restaurant or going to their favorite local store or boutique. These business owners are working their hardest each and every day to make sure they are still around in the future.

We all understand the importance of being responsible, and our community needs to rally together and understand, “it’s OK!” It’s OK for us to go out and buy local, eat at our favorite restaurants, and enjoy our favorite entertainment experiences, while we continue to Be Bold, Be Responsible, and Shop Local. As a community we must move forward, while helping our local economy.

With the Big Ten’s rules banning fans from football games, LIBA is working with local businesses to host members, supporting our local businesses. We will continue working with our members to help find ways to generate business and promote to everyone, “it’s OK!” Be Bold. Be Responsible. Shop Local. We are hoping this will encourage our members to be out and supporting each other for these game days.

Over the course of the next several weeks, we are going to feature “LIBA Business of the Day” program to help promote our local businesses. Businesses can sign up to be the featured business of the day and LIBA will be promoting their business not just for that day but for the few weeks following their feature. All of the money brought in from this program will be invested in promoting our local businesses.

If we come together as a community and understand, “it’s OK,” we will help our local businesses pull through this difficult time. Make sure you take a moment to figure out where you can buy items locally before clicking add to card and proceed to check out.

LIBA’s mission is to provide leadership and educational opportunities to the business community. We educate the public concerning the vital role of business in creation of meaningful jobs, and in meeting the payrolls that allow our citizens to enjoy quality of life.

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