Requiring Paid Sick Leave is Bad for Business


The Nebraska Legislature has been talking about a bill that would require paid sick leave for all employees. The Lincoln Independent Business Association (LIBA) opposes LB 493 for the following reasons:

• The bill requires paid sick leave for all employees, full and part-time, and will increase employee costs and restricts employer flexibility to tailor the jobs they provide to the needs and resources of their business.

• Part-time positions are designed to be flexible.
–Flexibility benefits employees by allowing them to work around educational, personal or family commitments.
–Part time positions are valuable in that they provide work experience for young workers or people entering a new career field.
–Part time work is often the first step that can lead to full time employment.

• Employers utilize part-time positions to hire exactly the amount help they need and to pay what they can afford.

Employers understand the compensation package they provide determines the employees they are able to attract. Whether they provide health insurance, vacation time, or put all their resources into higher wages.  Government mandates take these decisions away from the parties and impose a one size fits all regulation. Mandating paid sick leave increases the overhead cost of each employee. We all know that an increase in cost will decrease the employer’s ability to provide jobs and employment opportunities within our community.

For these reasons LIBA opposes LB 493 and encourages you to contact your state Senator.
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