One Idea Away

There are many reasons why Lincoln is referred to as being part of the so-called “Silicon Prairie”.
Our desire to innovate, find solutions, and improve our existing way of life is a large part of who we are as Lincolnites and Nebraskans. Innovation happens everywhere, not just in Silicon Valley. Fortunately, in Lincoln, we have embraced this approach to entrepreneurship and celebrate it every day.

As a progressive hub for tech and entrepreneurial growth, Lincoln has the resources to make our city a great place to grow a company and a career. Despite the challenges of 2020, Lincoln remains at the top of many national lists, including being named the “Happiest City in America” (Men’s Health), third-best city for young professionals (SmartAsset), sixth-best city for business climate (Business Insider), and top city in Nebraska for new homebuyers (Insurify). The reputation certainly precedes Lincoln in a very good way, as both individuals and businesses look for a new place to call home and innovative ways to do business.

Last month, our Annual Meeting saw entrepreneur Marc Randolph drive that point home in his message to the hundreds gathered online to hear his comments as our featured speaker. If one thing is certain, Marc certainly knows a thing or two about taking risks and solving problems, co-founding Netflix and a handful of other startups.

His best-selling book That Will Never Work is sold in over 20 languages and details his work as an entrepreneur, spanning over four decades. He also launched a podcast of the same name, showing his versatility and providing another resource for those interested in the startup realm.

One of the biggest points that Marc included in his book regards how companies can position themselves in a post-pandemic landscape. He says, “for the last year, every company has been forced to think like a startup. It’s a skill that will pay dividends far into the future.”

I could not agree more. The challenges we have faced over the past year have put many of us back at square one when it comes to how our businesses operate, how employees approach and carry out their work and how our customers interact and consume our products and services. While the term “pivoting” is likely overused regarding how we have reacted to new protocols, the notion of businesses being able to solve problems and adjust on the fly remains an important part.

Great opportunity exists for anyone to think of, hatch, and implement the next big thing. Marc’s wisdom is sure to inspire anyone thinking of launching a business or cultivating an idea or two. The level of support combined with the unique quality of life that Lincoln offers provides startup founders an excellent opportunity to transform their young businesses into thriving companies.

2020 is behind us and we are fully embracing what lies ahead for the rest of 2021—thank you as always for your continued support. We look forward to growing Lincoln with every one of you. As Marc notes, “you’ll learn more in one hour of doing something than in a lifetime of thinking about it.”