2018 Celebrate Business Awards

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2018 Celebrate Business Awards

Each year, the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce and its members gather to celebrate the success of the thousands of businesses in our city. As an organization that advocates for their success day in and day out, the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce is proud to recognize those businesses who have made the biggest differences in the community and those people who continue to go above and beyond to make our business climate one of the most attractive in the region.

This year, we are proud to honor six businesses and two individuals that lead the way in their fields and continue to make Lincoln a great city. These awards are meant to recognize businesses that are varied in their size, scope, and contribution to the community and workforce. Our 23rd annual Celebrate Business Awards Luncheon takes place on Wednesday, August 29 to showcase this year’s most visionary and community-driven businesses and individuals.

Our Cornerstone Award is given to a large employer that contributes significantly to the local economy. Additionally, we present an award to the Small Business of the Year to honor those who grow our community. Awards are also given out for the Manufacturer of the Year and the Green Business of the Year, while the Entrepreneurial Spirit Award and Tourism Development Award round out the six honors bestowed upon local businesses.

The two individual awards are a small way for us to honor those locally who have continued to make such an important and ongoing impact in our community. The Burnham Yates Citizenship Award is given to a local business leader who has made great charitable contributions to the city and continues to be a corporate leader. The Roger T. Larson Community Builder Award honors that person who has been able to provide leadership and influence through public service, making Lincoln a better place to live and work in.

The business winners from 2017 included Speedway Motors, Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing Corp. USA, Social Assurance, John Henry’s Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning Co, the Lincoln Marathon and Evol Empire Creative, while the individuals recognized were Jim Abel and Jon Camp. As you can see from this impressive list of last year’s winners, a wide section of the business community was represented for their continuing contributions to business in Lincoln.

Our 2017 honorees were most worthy winners and we’re looking forward to awarding our 2018 recipients of these eight awards. As Lincoln continues to grow and thrive, it’s important that we take time to celebrate and praise the numerous successes in our community. It may be a product of modern life and our hectic day-to-day routines, but we think it’s important to take time and reflect on how we have become successful in the business community, how we can improve in the future and why we do what we do.

At the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce, it is our privilege to help businesses by supporting them in their growth and to build on the tremendous momentum our city enjoys.

Our job at the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce is made possible by every single one of our members and the energy they bring to their respective organizations. We are eager to congratulate our 2018 winners and look ahead to what’s in store for the future for our vibrant city. To be a part of the 2018 Celebrate Business Luncheon, buy a ticket today at www.lcoc.com.

Lincoln Chamber of Commerce - Joining Organizations LogoThe Chamber’s mission is to improve the lives of Lincoln residents by providing increased economic opportunity and can only be accomplished together. For more information on the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce, (www.lcoc.com) please contact Jaime Henning at jaimehenning@lcoc.com.

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