Going the Extra Miles

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Going the Extra Miles

When the Flying Cowboys come calling, you roll out the red carpet.

But it’s not only the Flying Cowboys who get the red-carpet treatment for their stops into Lincoln. The Lincoln Convention and Visitors Bureau goes to great lengths to make sure that all groups, whether big or small, get the very best services we have to offer when they come to Lincoln for their event.

The amenities offered by the Lincoln CVB cover a lot of areas that are of utmost importance to meeting planners and group tours. We provide essential visitor information such as Lincoln Visitors Guides, maps and brochures for local events or attractions in addition to printed name badges for event registrants. Promotional items, a customized welcome banner and letters from local dignitaries are just some of the other services provided by the CVB for events coming to the city.

Meanwhile, there are also things like transportation arrangements and keeping guests entertained with activities that can often be overlooked as our CVB coordinates these arrangements and makes them as easy as possible for our guests.

As the saying goes, “there’s no traffic jam on the extra mile.”

I want to share a recent story where our CVB staff went above and beyond, going that “extra mile” for a visiting group that made a lasting impression.

Collin Caneva loves flying. Along with Craig Spilker, the two have launched their own vlog called “Old Green Plane” and they are able to tap into their passion for flying by producing interesting interviews with local celebrities and others who go up in their Cessna.

Their love for flying is shared by the Flying Cowboys, a group of aviators that travel the country to not only perform and perfect backcountry flying but also to clean up airstrips from trash and preserve them. The Flying Cowboys have thousands of fans on their social media channels and have quite the following.

On their way to Oshkosh, WI for what’s known as “The World’s Greatest Aviation Celebration,” the Flying Cowboys needed a spot to stay and get ready for their trip to The Badger State. Collin reached out to the guys and they were able to come to Lincoln, hosting an event with the public on July 17 at Silverhawk Aviation.

It wasn’t only the amenities offered to the Flying Cowboys that made an impression on Collin but how the community came together to welcome them and make their stay that much more enjoyable. Our CVB was able to arrange the services required for this group so that they will want to come back again. If you see the Flying Cowboys skimming the Platte River again in 2020 as they did back in July, you’ll know they just couldn’t stay away.

I’m proud of the work our CVB does every day and know they can accommodate and make any group feel welcome in Lincoln for their event.

To reach our Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, you can give them a call at (402) 434-5335, email info@lincoln.org or visit www.lincoln.org for more details on the great events happening in our city.

The Flying Cowboys visit Silverhawk Aviation in July.


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