Lincoln Chamber of Commerce – Preparing for Additional Disruptions

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Preparing for Additional Disruptions

The continuing pandemic has made us all examine best practices and adaptations throughout our everyday life. While we have made strides in many areas over the past eight months, we must also remember that the current situation is evolving and the winter months could mean additional efforts are necessary to not only protect our businesses, but our community as well. We must ensure that Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) remains readily available at our businesses. offers an excellent opportunity for businesses to not only keep their PPE inventories stocked but to support local businesses as well. One lesson learned early in the pandemic was that some supply chains, no matter the sector, may not be as strong and automatic as previously thought—continued evaluation of supply chains is crucial.

We must also continue to identify opportunities to work remotely, where possible, and consider potential software upgrades, reevaluate existing schedules and continuously work to enhance this vital compliment to the traditional office setting. All businesses should also implement a COVID response team if one does not already exist. Constant communication and cooperation with local health departments, elected officials and other agencies is crucial to staying up-to-date on what actions might be needed in response to another wave. Communicating a clear plan of action to employees and customers, which includes social distancing, mask wearing, proper hygiene and sanitization practices, is key.

Mental health and wellness considerations are also paramount in our ongoing efforts. Our normal way of life has been altered and because of that, we need to ensure resources are readily available to help employees and workplaces with mental health concerns. This also accounts for legal concerns, anxiety about employees returning to the workplace amid another wave and boosting employee morale.

Our Mask-Up Lincoln campaign is just as important today as when we started it in May, in partnership with the Mayor’s office. We are proud of the many businesses that have taken the necessary steps to make their businesses safe and helped reduce the spread of the virus. As we heard recently from Dr. Jeffrey Gold, Chancellor of the University of Nebraska Medical Center, at our Face the Chamber event in October, “We know this is a droplet spread infection, we know it has aerosol components and we know without a fraction of a doubt that masks save lives. I mean, every single serious scientific endeavor has shown masks save lives.”

I also want to acknowledge the work of the frontline healthcare workers and thank them for their crucial work and unwavering dedication throughout the pandemic. They are the unsung heroes of 2020, without a doubt.

Finally, in partnership with the Mayor’s Economic Task Force, we are challenging all business leaders in Lincoln to allocate an additional 1% of annual expenses to support local businesses. This pledge extends to residents as well, who can spend more locally and prioritize our local businesses to see the power of one percent. This small allocation will have a large impact on the economic recovery of our city. You can view and take the pledge at

We must learn from the lessons of the past eight months and adapt to what might be coming in the months ahead.

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