With dimly lit staircases and winding hallways that feel stuck in time, Downtown Lincoln has a lot of spaces that are perfect for an adventure during the spookiest month of the year.

A liminal space is a location that is a transition between two other locations or states of being. They can be abandoned, oftentimes empty. Think of the Skywalks or an apartment lobby at 4 a.m. This makes it feel frozen, slightly unsettling, but still familiar to our lives.

Here are the top five places in Downtown Lincoln that show the liminal space aesthetic is the perfect one for Halloween.

US Bank Building – The occasional water-stained carpet makes the spaces feel more real and less dreamlike. Still, with its empty walls, you can’t help but feel there is something lurking outside the halls. A zigzag-y hallway in the depths of the US Bank Building, fit with a small foot-tall outpost.

Lincoln Marriott Cornhusker Hotel – The consistent patterns of the green railing and the brick walls feel untouched by humanity. Everything inside feels like a repeating pattern that could be a location in a video game. The Cornhusker Hotel provides an industrial color scheme that allows the architecture of the building to stand out. Tall brick pillar-like walls contrast the blue-green stair railing inside the Cornhusker Hotel.

Skywalks of Downtown Lincoln – The Skywalks of Downtown Lincoln feel futuristic or like a fever dream. A hallway floating in between two buildings allows you to look out onto the street while staying out of the elements. These skywalks provide an ominous feeling with their repeated window paneling.

M Street Parking Garage – This space feels like it is pulled straight out of a zombie apocalypse. The unkept interior makes it appear forgotten, and the facade could use a touch-up, but it feels more appropriate just the way it is. Down into the parking garage where the light is dim, who knows what is lurking.

And lastly…

Atrium Building – This is the most liminal space in Downtown Lincoln. The inside feels untouched by humanity and the feels like a perfect parallel scene with small touches that make it feel more like a place where people work. The escalators perfectly frame the interior of the Atrium Building, creating a calming atmosphere while making your stomach flop because something is missing.

At the top of the escalators in the Atrium Building, the sun shining through the windows brightens the space.