ALLO Communications – Standing on the Cutting Edge of Technology

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ALLO Communications

Standing on the Cutting Edge of Technology

“We Mean Business” from the coffee shop to the large corporations, we provide the technology that works for your business starting with phones, internet, and TV. ALLO’s all fiber network delivers the cutting edge technology your business needs. We stand by our core values: local, honest, hassle free, and providers of exceptional customer service.

Sixteen years ago, our company was founded to bring the most modern network possible to people across the Midwest. Since that time, we’ve grown to provide faster, friendlier service to Fort Morgan and Breckenridge, CO, and nine Nebraska communities: Alliance, Bridgeport, Gering, Hastings, Imperial, Lincoln, North Platte, Ogallala, and Scottsbluff.

Throughout every customer experience, we employ a team of experts dedicated to bringing our customers the most courteous, efficient, and effective installation possible. When our customers have questions or find themselves in need of service, our local team of customer experience specialists is there to help. This pairing of superior products and services has helped our company grow. It is through that growth that ALLO has been able to help cities from Fort Morgan to Lincoln. By expanding the fiber network across the Midwest, we have improved the quality of life for thousands of people and contributed to the economic development of communities and their businesses.

Pictured on the cover (L-R): Tim Hahn, Tim Brusnahan, Mike Grubbs, Kathy Carstenson, Tony Thrash, Todd Francisco, Scott Clark, Tony Tichota, Tadd Vanschoiack, and Ryan Hutzel.


ALLO Installs an All-Fiber Network. The fiber optic core is made of glass which allows data to flow in its natural form, light. The beauty of nature is that when left alone, it can exceed our expectations and amaze us with its efficiency. Data flows much faster and farther by light without the pesky interruptions copper cabling receives from electrical interference.

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