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New corporate bank center at 84th & O

Cornhusker Bank continues to put an emphasis on living out their mission to serve by providing solutions for lifelong success.  This mission applies not only to bank customers, but to bank associates and the business itself.    With beliefs that include integrity; service; purpose; commitment; excellence; leadership; and honoring the bank’s past, present and future; the bank strives to enhance the banking experience each and every day through exceptional customer experiences.

On May 1, 2015 Cornhusker Bank broke ground on their new corporate bank center at 84th and O Street, which is expected to be completed in the summer of 2016.  The new center represents a commitment to current and future customers, and the city of Lincoln at large.   Pictured on the cover at the groundbreaking are Boyd Batterman, VP of Sampson Construction Company, Inc.; Michael Penn of Sinclair Hille Architects; Wendy Birdsall, President of the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce; Barry Lockard, President/CEO of Cornhusker Bank; John F. Dittman, Chairman of Cornhusker Bank; Alice M. Dittman, Chair Emeritus; Mayor Chris Beutler; Liz Kuhlman of Sinclair Hille Architects; Mary Jo Livingston and Debby Brehm of Brehm Enterprises.

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New corporate bank center at 84th & O

Cornhusker Bank’s heartfelt commitment to the community was recently exhibited by the One Day Without Shoes event which benefits People’s City Mission.  In the first five years of this event, Cornhusker Bank has raised over $42,000 in monetary funds and over 47,000 pairs of shoes.  This year’s donations totaled over 16,000 pairs of shoes and nearly $8,700 in cash.  Pastor Tom Barber noted it would take only about two weeks for those 16,000 pairs of shoes to go out the door and be put in use.   John F. Dittman, Chairman of Cornhusker Bank noted, “One of our inherent responsibilities as a business is to help advance the quality of life in the community in which we operate.  By putting a local spin on an idea TOMS created to distribute shoes to other nations, and partnering with other area businesses for the benefit of the People’s City Mission, it allows us to make an impact in our own back yard.”    Over 140 businesses and organizations city-wide served as drop sites for shoes in 2015.  Plans are already underway to keep growing this annual event and serving guests of the Mission through the public’s generosity.

In the last six months, Cornhusker Bank has also made large investments in our community’s future through donations to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, College of Business Administration and the YMCA’s building fund.  These donations are an investment not only in the community, but help assure the existence of future learning development for the bank’s own associates and families, as well as help to provide for well-rounded family activities.

While the bank continues to exhibit its commitment to the community, it also continues to elevate products and services to and for its customers.  With core values which include “deliver the ‘WOW’ experience” and “care like crazy,” associates are determined to serve out the bank’s mission of providing solutions for lifelong success.

Cornhusker Bank remains Lincoln’s hometown bank, with hometown heart, and is committed to your success.  For more information about how we may be of personal service to you, please visit us at or stop by any of our convenient locations.

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