Eat Fit Go Lincoln Celebrates 1st Birthday!

A healthy option that I didn’t have to cook?! No, it’s not too good to be true – that’s exactly what Eat Fit Go offers its customers.

It all began two years ago at a Lincoln family’s Husker Football tailgate, when a bright idea was born between two good friends to start a healthy, ready-to-eat food company. “At the time I was knee deep in homemade baby food, dirty dishes and grand plans to prepare a healthy dinner for my husband, if I could just get the kitchen cleaned from the breakfast and lunch I had made earlier in the day and get the kids to sit still for a minute,” recalls Eat Fit Go owner Natasha Plooster.

Indeed, the struggle was real for Plooster. “Here I was, determined to shed baby weight and to provide my family with wholesome meals but in reality, I was overwhelmed by the amount of planning, resources and time it took to consistently provide my family with homemade healthy food for each meal.”

Enter Sam Vakhidov and Aaron McKeever, founders of Eat Fit Go, who introduced a new food concept that would be the solution to Natasha’s and so many other’s pleas.

The concept was simple: Imagine yourself coming into a grocery store and picking out your favorite ingredients, but instead of having to then assemble all those ingredients, you walk out of the store with freshly prepared meals already perfectly portioned in Tupperware containers. All you have to do now is warm them up and enjoy! The refrigerators at Eat Fit Go are stocked with a wide variety of pre-packaged, ready-to-eat meals and snacks. Meals are made fresh daily with simple ingredients clearly listed on the package, and almost all of them have fewer than 600 calories. There are microwaves for customers to heat up their meals if they choose to dine in.

The wheels were in motion and Plooster opened Eat Fit Go’s second store, and very first franchise location, in June of 2016 in Lincoln at 84th and Van Dorn. “Little did I know, at the time, that our five-man operation in a small test kitchen would grow quickly to what it is today. “ Eat Fit Go now runs out of a 30,000-square-foot former ConAgra test kitchen that operates under the guidelines of USDA, the highest level of food safety in the food industry. Moreover, to meet the growing demand locally, a second Lincoln location was recently opened at SouthPointe Pavilions.

Energy and true passion are felt the moment you walk through the doors of Eat Fit Go. Both Lincoln stores are conveniently located for those in the community to make one stop a week to stock up with food for the entire week! The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, making the intimate process of selecting food for one meal or a week’s worth of meals a breeze.

Eating healthy does not mean starvation, deprivation and tasteless food. The Executive Chef of Eat Fit Go, a former Omaha Steaks Executive Chef and Certified Research Chef, is dedicated to working closely with Eat Fit Go’s Registered Dietician to provide classic favorites in a healthy way. Who wouldn’t want to try some Salmon Alfredo or an all-time favorite, Meatballs with Noodles (Zoodles, that is!). Also, make sure to try the new Fit Sauce, it will blow your socks off!

A hectic Monday is no more when you can open your fridge, smile at already prepared meals stacked neatly on the shelves and know that one task has been crossed off your never-ending to do list.

“Our family is beyond proud to be providing the Lincoln community a healthy solution,” says Plooster. “Because let’s be honest, we all have enough on our plate to worry what to actually cook for that plate!”

Natasha and the Eat Fit Go team feel extremely blessed to be in a town where local matters and the friendships that are made are forever. The community support has been overwhelming and to be included in so many transformational journeys on a daily basis has been incredibly rewarding.

She adds, “In the end, we know that we are changing lives. We recently received a note from a longtime customer who is down 90 pounds due to Eat Fit Go. This is what Eat Fit Go and our culture is all about…not only changing lives, but saving lives.”

Eat Fit Go logoRockledge: 2901 S 84th St. | 402.875.2728

Southpointe: 2820 Pine Lake Rd. | 402.420.2728