John Henry’s – Refreshed & Still Evolving

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John Henry’s – Refreshed & Still Evolving: Sharing the “Secret Formula” for Success!

You probably already know most of the important “secret ingredients” that go into formulating a successful business; the measurements that put a smile on the faces of everyone involved in the daily business transactions.

Are they really secret formulas, though? Or are they just common sense? For example, how does a company answer their phone? Do they make you feel like an inconvenience? Their advertisement may tell you that they have integrity, but do they? Truth is a patient hunter.

The “secret formula” for business success has a limitless amount of ingredients and it is ever-changing. The final product must provide a high degree of satisfaction for everyone involved, especially the customer. That’s the goal at John Henry’s Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning (

“Basically, I am never satisfied; I’m constantly encouraging our team to reach that next level. The second you feel like you’ve made it, you have not,” says owner John Henry (Jack) Zohner.

“Building a successful company requires being progressive and it calls for continuous improvement. Mediocrity is not acceptable. At John Henry’s, our goal is to lead the industry because we believe that second place is considered to be the first loser.”

A testament to the effectiveness of this kind of drive is all the awards the company has won. John Henry’s has earned two Better Business Bureau Integrity awards, KFOR’s Best of Lincoln, Lincoln Journal Star’s People’s Choice, Best Place to Work, Angie’s Super Service Awards, and the list goes on. They walk the talk.

The John Henry’s team is constantly learning new skills. Training is key. According to Jack Zohner, “We hire for attitude and train for skill. Attitude is the most important ingredient! IA person with a good attitude naturally learns and achieves success. Good attitudes thrive when working together for a common cause.”

As an example of how John Henry’s is leading the industry, the company added a jetter sewer cleaning side to their business. High water pressure washing of sewers produces better results than cabling sewers. It was considered only for large utility mains in the past. However, John Henry’s believes high pressure washing of sewers is the right solution for all sewers. The technicians are happy with the results and the customer gets an incredibly clean sewer!

John Henry’s is also rebranding their vehicles with a new logo as their old advertisement wraps wear out and as new vehicles are purchased. According to Jack Zohner, “It’s a cleaner, nicer look that indicates we are continuing to evolve.”

Jack Zohner’s goal is to continue slowly stepping away from John Henry’s instead of just retiring. “It’s been important to instill our business culture in our managers so it remains second nature. The managers get it; they have the right attitude and drive.”

Jack and his wife Deb have enjoyed taking more time off. They are proud to step back and watch as the John Henry’s team continues to do all the right things for all the right reasons. Eventually, they will fade out of the picture, parting with the confidence that the future of John Henry’s is bright. When a business has been built by applying ingredients from the “secret formula” of success, there is no need to worry.

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