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Professional Realty Group Nebraska’s Commercial & Residential Realty Experts

2018 was another big year for Professional Realty Group (PRG; of Woods Bros, and its founders Ben and Andrea Bleicher. In fact, it was the most successful one yet. They closed 98 transactions, approximately $21,800,000 worth of production, all while giving each and every client impeccable service. 2019 looks to be an even bigger year, as goals are nearly double last year’s. Now a team of four full-time agents, they have roughly 50 years of combined experience. The lineup includes Ben Bleicher, Andrea Bleicher, Scott Albers, and Kim Erickson. Each have unique skill sets and, together, are able to not only handle residential real estate, but commercial, new construction, industrial, land, development, leasing, and more.

Pictured on the cover are Ben and Andrea Bleicher, who formed the PRG team in January 2018. More agents will be brought on as there’s the need for extra hands on deck. Their goal is to stay true to the saying “Quality over quantity,” and they intend to hand-pick only the best to serve PRG’s clientele. In a day where every industry has their greats, the not-so-greats, and everyone in between, Ben and Andrea strive to be the best of the best. That requires not only having the correct staff in place, but also the right systems. They will be releasing their new website and CRM before the end of Q1, and have began implementing a handful of other programs that will not only make things for their agents run silky smooth, but also for their clients. Everyone will be well connected and operations will be filled with seamless transitions and enhanced communication. The investment is more than worth it for PRG to be able to give next-level service.

The current market has had some ups and downs over the last 12 months, from hot to cold, lukewarm, back to hot again. Ben and Andrea predict that things are going to continue steady. Interest rates went up drastically in Q4 of last year, then settled back down in the last 30 days, and seem to be holding. It’s still a great time to sell OR buy. Many who bought 2+ years ago should be in a position where they’re able to cash in some serious equity. Even when making lateral moves, it’s still a chance to make enough to potentially get your 20% down on the next one easily. Sellers, you’re probably wondering exactly how much your house is worth. Please reach out anytime for a free market analysis of your home. Buyers, the game hasn’t changed much over the last few years. You have to be ready to look at houses the day they hit the market (sometimes before they do), and make somewhat swift decisions. If you have PRG in your corner, they will help identify which properties are priced right (or under / over) and let you know when there are major defects to steer clear of.


Our team offers impeccable customer service and we do it because our clients deserve nothing less. We don’t have set hours, so we can accommodate showings at all times that work for our client’s schedules. We have a vast knowledge that gives us the tools to accurately estimate property values for people selling and for our clients who are buying. No buyer should ever be pressured into buying a house. If someone finds their “right one,” it is our job to make sure the price is right, that there aren’t any identifiable major defects, and that the transaction goes as smoothly as possible. We absolutely aim to please, and our goal isn’t merely satisfaction, it’s to set a whole new standard where our customers know, without a doubt, they’re our number one priority. – Ben Bleicher

Professional Realty Group looks forward to serving you and intends to make 2019 an amazing year for all of their clients!

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