Ray’s Lawn & Landscape: Make Your Lawn & Landscape What You Want It To Be

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Make Your Lawn & Landscape What You Want It To Be

Ray's Lawn & Landscape - Cover Thumbnail 2017Ray’s Lawn & Landscape (www.RaysLawn.com) was founded as a lawn care company in 1966, offering every service necessary to maintain a lush and healthy lawn for homeowners and commercial property managers. The company has grown from a handful of residential customers to maintaining nearly two million square feet of turf and landscape. Ray’s takes great pride in maintaining a tight schedule so homeowners and property managers can best schedule other services and family activities without the interference of mowers and other work.

Ray’s also offers a complete array of landscape services including design and installation. Landscaping today is so much more than when the company first started offering landscape services nearly thirty-five years ago. Today’s landscapes include outdoor kitchens and living spaces, pergolas and gazebos, water features, fireplaces and firepits, retaining walls (both supportive and decorative), and of course live trees, shrubs, perennials, and annuals.

Ray’s is a family-owned operation with Mabel Svoboda, the matriarch of the family and company, and two of her sons, Ken and Larry Svoboda, running the day-to-day operations. Ray Svoboda, the founder of the company, passed away in 2010.

With over fifty years in business, the owners of Ray’s have seen and been through strong economies with record profit margins and years when survival meant scaling back, taking less in salaries, and laying off valued employees. Ray’s has survived due to its strong work ethic and hands-on management. Ray’s is also at the mercy of the weather. There have been years when drought was so bad that the city administration banned watering of lawns and landscapes, while in other years the city experienced frequent rains that nearly flooded out those same lawns and landscapes. All things considered, Ray’s, like most businesses, survives the unexpected and builds on the expected.

Ray’s Lawn & Landscape is looking forward to a strong 2017. With the economy, both locally and nationally, on the rise and property owners feeling financially comfortable, Ray’s is anticipating a strong growth spurt.

Active in the community, Ray’s takes great pride in supporting a wide variety of local charities and non-profits. Ray Svoboda instilled in his family a great civic pride and belief that it’s vital to give back to the community that has supported the family and business for many, many years.

Ray’s Lawn & Landscape has never been the lowest-priced lawn and landscape company in Lincoln. We’re very competitive with the pricing of our professional services and offer a great value for every dollar spent. Our employees are uniformed and our vehicles and equipment are the most up-to-date and very well maintained. With Ray’s, every customer is our most important customer and their properties are treated as if they are part of the family, because they are.

Let RAY’S Lawn & Landscape be your lawn and landscape source – helpful ideas, plans and attention to your budget are a phone call away! 

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