Krueger Development – The Woodlands Enterprise Center

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Krueger Development – The Woodlands Enterprise Center

Krueger Development’s The Woodlands Enterprise Center is an up and coming commercial center on the corner of South 84th Street and Yankee Woods Drive. Just south of Moore Middle School and the Copple Family YMCA, it is right in a hot spot of growth for Lincoln. While Lincoln is growing in all directions, Southeast Lincoln has seen exponential growth in recent years.

Owned and developed by Krueger Development, The Woodlands Enterprise Center is a part of the even larger Woodlands at Yankee Hill residential development. The Woodlands at Yankee Hill has over 500 dwelling units and is home to St. Michael’s Catholic Church and School. As the residential neighborhood continues to grow, a demand for commercial space has followed.

The Woodlands Enterprise Center sits on a total of 33 acres of land approved for approximately 355,000 square feet of buildable commercial space. 2020 is already proving to be a huge growth year for the commercial center, with four projects totaling over 49,000 built square feet underway. Krueger Development and the Woodlands Enterprise Center offer a unique opportunity for investors and local business owners alike to capitalize in the market. This commercial center is designed to be versatile, for either building to lease or building to buy, with numerous other options along the way—all designed to make the process more convenient and cost efficient for the client.

Krueger Development is always aware of the “bottom line.” They understand that cost and long term value are always factors and in the forefront of the client’s mind. If you are in the market for a new location for your business or the very first location for your new business, Krueger Development can help. They provide initial architectural drafting and cost estimates free of charge, with no obligation.

“We have the capability to customize commercial projects for our clients. There are three main components to a commercial project: (1) the land, (2) the exterior shell, and (3) the interior. With each component comes more and more involvement and help from the Krueger Development team.

When a client chooses to use Krueger Development for the exterior shell construction, it really optimizes the project. We coordinate the shell construction, bring in utilities, and install all exterior landscaping.

When a client utilizes Krueger Development’s drafting team for interior design, they get the true trifecta. Being able to find land, construct a building, and design an interior layout for a business all in one place is a great convenience to clients.

We become a one-stop shop for business owners, and I love that we can provide so many different options to our clients.” – Allison Santana, commercial property manager

For more information on The Woodlands Enterprise Center or any Krueger Development commercial properties, please contact Allison Santana at (402) 423-7377 /

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