Business Technology in Lincoln, NE – 2018

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Business Technology in Lincoln, NE – 2018

Understanding new technology is a challenging prospect—not just for individuals trying to learn the basics for themselves, but also for businesses who want to introduce new technology into their workplace in order to become more competitive.

Don’t Be Afraid of New Technology

Darren Lichty Panology Tech Solutions - Headshot

Darren Lichty
Panology Tech Solutions

One of the most daunting tasks businesses face when they’re at the stage where they’re ready to start exploring new technology solutions is where to begin. “Helping businesses with technology starts with understanding goals and how the business measures value,” notes Darren E. Lichty with Panology Tech Solutions. “Clearly identify the goals you want to achieve, in order of priority for your business. With each goal, quantify how you will measure the value to your business. When evaluating options, determine which achieves your goal(s) while delivering the highest value. If the vendor is unable to educate you on how their solution stacks up, then it will most likely not deliver. In the end, it is your business, your decision. All businesses today have some level of technology in place, while only some have the expertise on staff to handle all of that technology.

When we asked Lichty about any notable new trends for business technologies, he acknowledged that more small businesses are moving away from the traditional IT managed service model. Instead, they are opting for a model that focuses on preventative maintenance (much like a car), leaving the day-to-day operations in the business’s hands. This new model, which Panology has coined as “Unmanaged Service,” frees up the business’s capital for other things. In many cases, Panology has saved clients up to 75% on what they were paying for their basic IT services.”

“Over this past year we have built (or rebuilt) many networks for our clients,” Lichty adds. “Some were moving into new facilities, some were expanding their current facilities, and others needed to increase reliability and performance of their current network. We do our best to take a ‘worst-case’ approach, identifying the materials we will consume with these projects, so our clients are never surprised by extra charges. Our clients greatly appreciate Panology’s guarantee that final pricing will not exceed what is quoted.”

Technology is a constantly evolving landscape. You must be comfortable with technology choices for your business, which means having all the information and making educated decisions.

Justin Nolte

Justin Nolte with EXTREME PCs agrees that the first step businesses should take towards improving their technology strategy is defining their goals and gathering information for different options, especially when choosing desktops, laptops, and mobile devices for business needs. These are the main electronics used in businesses today.

“We’ve seen a recent wave of compact, yet powerful desktops replacing older machines in business around town,” Nolte points out. “In turn, we have expanded our lineup of products to help facilitate any of these needs and have more for customers looking to upgrade their older technology. New offerings are always being released in the technology sector. We are here to help inform and assist anyone who wants to learn more about them and then help implement them into their business.”

According to Nolte, two important goals of EXTREME PCs is to offer many choices and ensure the customer actually understands the benefits of those choices: “We take pride in our products and our ability to educate businesses as they implement new technology into their space. We want our customers to have the most advanced technology to help grow their business and assist their clientele in a quick fashion. From business-class desktops, to mobile solutions for on the job fieldwork, we help our clients do their job better and faster with top of the line performance and customer service.”

Andrew Storz
Storz Enterprises

There is no denying that changing or implementing new technology can complicate the flow of the workplace. In fact, sometimes it makes more sense for a business to outsource technology for specific purposes. “Over two-thirds of organizations need external support for planning, designing, and benefiting from workplace technology solutions,” states Andrew Storz with Virtual C. “Every industry has different technology needs. There are devices, software, and collaboration applications (instant messaging, conferencing, social media, video), that help people in any capacity work more effectively. Understanding these tools will make a huge impact on productivity, but they can also be overwhelming at first. That is why Virtual C help guide technology strategies and implementation to keep businesses operating at their most efficient level possible.”

“Now is the time to align business processes with effective technology,” Storz confirms. “The importance of observing current trends in technology is that savvy businesses can reduce costs by paying attention to new developments. One of these vital trends to understand is Agile, which began as a group of advocates for software development in 2001 and has grown into a widespread approach to flexible software development which meets the needs of evolving customer expectations.”

As the name suggests, an Agile approach emphasizes collaboration in order to efficiently develop and evolve software which best meets the needs of customers’ quickly changing demands. As a specialist in Agile, Storz has published free introductions to Agile software development on their website. These videos serve as introductions to Virtual C’s full services and are an excellent starting point for business leaders seeking to learn more about both Agile and general technology strategies for their company.

The performance of digital workplace applications requires a network with sufficient bandwidth, well-configured quality-of-service policies, and constant accessibility. ALLO Communications knows that speed matters to everyone, especially businesses.

Brad Moline
ALLO Communications

“Copper cables are out, glass-cored fiber cables are in,” states Brad Moline with ALLO Communications. “Glass-cored fiber moves data at the speed of light, making them the latest and greatest technology. The fiber cable’s glass core means that connections are less affected by weather or other electrical interferences; the fiber connects directly to your home or business (so you don’t have to share service with your neighbor).”

ALLO offers fiber internet with symmetrical speed so that your connection is fast, reliable, and consistent no matter when or how you use it. An additional advantage of fiber connections is privacy. Using ALLO’s fiber network, your business can establish private connectivity between AWS/Azure and your datacenter, office, or collocation environment, which in many cases can reduce your network costs, increase bandwidth throughput, and provide a more consistent network experience than Internet-based connections.

Don’t be afraid of new technology! Define your goals and talk to a professional about how technology can help you reach those goals. Educate yourself and your staff about new technology to keep your business from falling behind.


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