Entertaining Clients in Lincoln, NE – 2020


Entertaining Clients

There’s No Better Time Than Now to Show Your Gratitude!

The pandemic has given every business owner more reasons than ever to appreciate their clients for all they do to keep you going. Of course, this is a difficult time for most business owners, but if you’re surviving the storm, you certainly can credit that to a combination of your resourcefulness, dedication, and your clients. As some semblance of normalcy begins to return to the Lincoln business world, now is also a better time than ever to show your gratitude to those who continue to stick with you, through thick and thin.
These are the people who make it possible for your business to operate and, hopefully, to survive the toughest of times. One simple but meaningful way to honor them is to host a client-appreciation event. You can keep things simple and host a small gathering and discussion at your business, or you might sponsor an event at or gifts from another local business to show your gratitude. You’ll not only make your clients feel appreciated but will help solidify their loyalty to your business and help other businesses in Lincoln keep going. Every little bit helps.

Even though entertainment and parties still look different than it did a year ago, Lincoln is home to plenty of venues that have weathered the storm and formulated safe, social-distancing options for hosting events that boost morale. A little free food, drink, and networking is usually enough to satisfy just about any client. Another option is to build a themed event around a holiday, say a Halloween costume party, an ugly Christmas sweater celebration, or an anniversary open house that also gives your business exposure. We thought now would be the perfect time to talk about some opportunities that can help you thank your clients for being there for you.

Branded Gifts

One simple and economical way to honor your guests is to throw a celebration for them and boost branding for your business at the same time. Flicker Promotions can set the stage, customizing virtually anything you want – from personalized golf gloves to a customized watch or pen set to a bamboo cheese board, engraved “feel-good” sign, useful home products, cool umbrellas, wearable tech, t-shirts, or—perfect in the current pandemic environment –an ultraviolet sterilizer wand that carries your brand and lets users protect themselves against germs on objects and surfaces at the office or shop.


Amy Doele Flicker Promotions

Amy Doele
Flicker Promotions

“I believe that the customized promotional items we provide can deliver lasting value by generating recognition between businesses and their clients or prospective clients,” said Flicker Promotions Owner Amy Doele. “We even offer customizable masks that use three-layer construction but are soft and breathable for businesses that have mask restrictions in place or just to share with clients given the state of networking and gathering requirements during the pandemic. You can show your clients your gratitude for their support by providing them with a truly useful gift that doubles as a promotion for your business.”

Headquartered in Lincoln, Flicker Productions is a premier concierge promotional-product provider. They relieve the sense of stress from promotional marketing, applying their expertise to follow your lead and curate a collection of promotional items specific to your clients. Flicker works with businesses, educational institutions, and nonprofit organizations to create useful promotional items that people will be grateful to receive—at the same time marketing your business when they use them.

“Our mission is to provide the highest standard of personal service—a promise other companies voice, but few actually live up to,” Amy said. “At Flicker Promotions, we expect and intend to have personal contact with our clients in determining the best products on which to print their logos or marks. With our company, you will work with someone who is fully engaged, no matter the size of the project you’re seeking.”

Goat Yoga

Yes, goat yoga. You read that right. If you’re looking for a unique way to show your gratitude to your clients, consider an appreciation event that’s great for teambuilding and health and wellness—goat yoga with Shepherd’s Rest Goat & Sheep Rescue. Seriously, we can vouch for its effectiveness, as the Strictly Business team gave it a try with friends and clients in our own backyard last year. It was more than just a good time; it provided meaningful time with clients and doubled as an opportunity to raise awareness for Shepherd’s Rest. It’s a win-win.


Jen Schurman Shepherd’s Rest Goat and Sheep Rescue

Jen Schurman
Shepherd’s Rest Goat and Sheep Rescue

“If your company or organization is looking for a fun teambuilding experience, we totally recommend goat yoga!” said Shepherd’s Rest Founder Jen Schurman. “It’s a neat event to invite your professional network to. You can hold a yoga event at your office or as a retreat and our century-old, 13-acre farm that has access to both meadow and woodland walking trails, too. If you can’t host a whole goat-yoga event, Shepherd’s Rest does a ‘cubicle cuddles’ program through which we bring one or a few goats to your office. We’ll take the goats around a say hello to your whole team or network. The goats are very clean, friendly, and guaranteed to bring a smile to everyone’s faces.”

Jen and her team operate the organization to educate the public about goats and train goats and humans as therapy teams. So, why do they rescue goats? Well, many goat owners find themselves in situations where they are unable to support the goats in their possession in a humane way. Jen has traveled across the country to save goats from a situation of being unwanted, neglected, or even abused. The money she raises goes toward buying hay to feed the goats and sheep, along with medical-treatment expenses.
“The goat yoga concept combines the wellness benefits of yoga with those of animal therapy,” Jen said. “The mental-health advantages of animal interaction are many, including lowering anxiety, increasing mental stimulation, and reducing feelings of loneliness. Goats are said to be the ideal therapy animals, as they don’t need to develop a special bond with a human before they start interacting with them. With the expertise of our lovely yoga instructor from Juniper Spa & Yoga Studio, you and your clients can clear your minds and relax your bodies as cute little goats shuffle around. They’ll brighten your spirits as you go from pose to pose, taking the occasional break to pet your new goat friends and giggle at the funny encounters around you.”

Special Celebrations

If you’re looking for a quality location for a client-appreciation event, The Talon Room is a perfect option. They offer a wide range of services that can assist with the planning process for the event and provide you with a terrific venue, seating, and fabulous food to make anyone feel appreciated.


Matthew Rogge Talon Room

Matthew Rogge
Talon Room

“The Talon Room itself is a great venue that can host 50 to 250 guests with full seating and AV equipment,” said Owner Matthew Rogge. “Talon Catering also can satisfy all of your catering needs, with in the Talon Room or at a separate location of your choosing. Our gourmet appetizers and entrée options can meet any budget and time of day, and for libations, our bar services can be brought to your event or you can use our full-service in-house bar, which has a history of making guests say ‘Wow!’”

The Talon Room is more than just a venue. They offer in-house games to help you entertain and network with your clients and potential clients, and they have access to a wide range of vendors that offer great options, including trivia and music bingo, which is sure to help you get to know your whole crew! For a lower-key event, a sit-down dinner and cold beverages at The Talon Room are a guaranteed way to make your clients feel valued. Return clientele verifies that fact regularly for the venue.

“Being located in downtown Lincoln, we have a great location that is close to the many hotspots for entertaining clients, including Memorial Stadium, The Lied Center, Marcus Grand Theatre, and more,” Matthew said. “Our customer service also is next-to-none, as we go out of our way to make sure everyone is comfortable, happy, and treated with respect. Our location and quality of service are why so many companies and our valued clients come back year after year.”

Celebrating in Style

The Kindler Hotel serves up a grand opportunity to honor special clients in style by way of stay in one of the hotel’s upscale guest rooms or suites, be it for one night or an entire weekend getaway. The rooms all include a work-space, honor bar, robe and slippers, in-room safes, and heated bathroom floors, and their suites add a sitting area separate from the bedroom for conducting business or entertaining clients of their own in privacy.

Guests will also love the hotel’s new patio area, which opened July 1 and provides a relaxing setting with comfortable seating and beautiful planters, plus umbrellas for those who prefer the shade. Your honored guests can sit back and enjoy tasty, locally sourced small-plate foods and choose from a variety of creative handcrafted cocktails or an extensive selection of wines and beers while taking in some fresh air, sunshine, and good conversation.


Cheryl Deiro The Kindler Hotel

Cheryl Deiro
The Kindler Hotel

“Our Boitano’s Lounge is a great place to hang out and relax,” said Kindler Director of Sales Cheryl Deiro. “Guests will have access to Boitano’s both after their shopping experiences during a downtown ‘staycation’ and prior to other evening events they might be planning. We are centrally located in the heart of downtown, next to the Que Place city garage and steps away from the Lied Center, the Wicke Alumni Center, Sheldon Art Museum, and Memorial Stadium, all of which serve up great opportunities for guests to enjoy local events.”

One of the many outstanding things about The Kindler Hotel is its staff and customer service. Your clients will thank you for sending them to a place where the staff goes out of their way to make their stay perfect—and they do it all with a smile and an obvious goal to make it special.
“We are the only boutique hotel of our kind in Lincoln,” Cheryl said, “and we take extra measures to ensure that our guests have everything they need for an exceptional experience. Our associates take great pride in making all of our guests feel welcome at The Kindler Hotel. As a smaller boutique hotel, with just 45 guest rooms, The Kindler Hotel is conducive for natural social distancing of guests, too. It’s a getaway not to be forgotten.”

Take a Ride on the Fun Side!

Tailored Dreams Party Buses serve up a fantastic opportunity and plenty of safe fun for a client-appreciation event. Take your crew out on the town in a luxury party bus. Tailored Dreams is Lincoln’s premier party-bus company, known for their friendly drivers and for creating an experience tailored to your particular group. Just reserve your bus ahead of time, then tell your chauffeur where you want to go when you arrive for your party, and they’ll get you there and back safely. You can treat your clients to a night out with cocktails, snacks, or a full-on meal with cocktails and know everyone will be cared for like royalty.


DeeDee Loomis Tailored Dreams Party Buses

DeeDee Loomis
Tailored Dreams Party Buses

“Tailored Dreams started in March of 2012 with one limo that my husband, Tyler, and I parked in our driveway,” said Owner DeeDee Loomis. “Now our fleet consists of six party buses—including the only Pink Party Bus around! The biggest bus can fit up to 45 people each (though that number is somewhat smaller under pandemic restrictions), so you take along the whole team. People love getting a party bus for any occasion, and we’re the only bus company in the area that has wheelchair accessibility.”

DeeDee and Tyler have been in the limousine industry for 20 years. After a time, they wanted to turn their passion of limousines into a business, so they could offer different options and an economical rate. Thus began Tailored Dreams Party Buses, and DeeDee said they are just as much fun for her as they are for the clients.

“My enjoyment and interactions with people make my job a dream,” DeeDee said. “I’ve always been a people person, so getting to do something I love is so rewarding. If you have a good time, the clients will as well. As a driver, I get to set the tone for the event they’re heading toward, which is an amazing feeling. Plus, I get to drive big things. There isn’t anything I can’t drive now!”

Tantalize Their Tastebuds

If you want to wow your clients with tasty cuisine, consider the dine-in or catering services for any of the excellent restaurants that are part of the PILLAR Restaurant Group. From the classy Venue Restaurant & Lounge and the Piedmont Bistro to the delicious signature tacos from Cactus Modern Mexican & Cantina to the more casual Goodcents Delish Fresh Subs, PILLAR’s locally owned restaurants and bars have something to suit any taste or style and any size gathering. Your clients will love them all, as every option is fresh and delicious!

Venue Restaurant and Lounge creates chef-inspired meals made from only the freshest, gourmet ingredients and provides a unique ambiance, which combine to make it Lincoln’s premier fine-dining restaurant. You’ll enjoy mouthwatering, hand-cut steaks Delmonico ribeye; hearth-baked dishes including house-made pizza dough and sauces like the smoky gouda chicken and artichoke; and fresh seafood including scallops and tortellini and honey garlic glazed salmon. The list goes on to include things like Venue crab bisque, pineapple chicken, house-made pastas, boneless buttermilk fried chicken, and a wide range of spectacular salads, including their famous Venue Pecan Bleu. Whatever you serve your clients from Venue, you’re sure to impress even the pickiest of palates.

Whether you have a place to host your celebration or want to reserve space for a nice client-appreciation luncheon, Venue has you covered. They provide high-quality event catering and five private in-house dining rooms, ranging from 30 to 90 seats. Venue Restaurant & Lounge provides the impressive space, food, and service that your clients won’t soon forget.

PILLAR’s Piedmont Bistro is another excellent option for treating clients, offering everything from classy, quick, affordable lunches to an exceptional happy hour at the Bistro Bar. You’ll experience a welcoming environment and serious passion for handcrafted meals and cocktails. Their chef-inspired menu is full of unique takes on classic Midwestern comfort food, including everything from house-cut, dry-aged steaks to succulent duck breast to delicious wraps, burgers, salads, and sandwiches, including the Piedmontese flat iron sandwich with black garlic aioli, caramelized onions, feta, and arugula on sourdough. OK, YUM!
For lighter fare, you can’t go wrong with PILLAR’s Cactus Modern Mexican & Cantina and Goodcents Deli-Fresh Subs. Available for in-house, curbside pickup, or delivery, your clients will love the signature taco packs and handcrafted draft margaritas at Cactus, with tasty sides including rice, beans, and fire-roasted corn. If you want to keep things more casual, pick up a platter of always-fresh Goodcents signature sub sandwiches, toasted subs, and pastas with super-soft white or wheat bread, sliced-to-order meats, a full slate of fresh cheeses, and every sandwich topping you can imagine—and then some. If you really want to put the cherry on top for your clients, be sure to pick up some Goodcents gigantic cookies, including peanut butter, double chocolate chunk, and classic chocolate chip. They’ll thank you twice!

Sure-Fire Favorites

Of course, there are some standard client events that everyone still loves—bowling and pizza parties. They’re both affordable but fun ways to share time with your clients and show them your gratitude for partnering with you. If you’re thinking about bowling down some pins, you can’t miss with 48 Bowl, Inc. Plus, it’s a great choice for a party where social distancing is a breeze. The company includes two bowling facilities—Parkway Lanes at 2555 S. 48th St. and Hollywood Bowl at 920 48th St.—so choose the one that’s most convenient for your party. You aren’t required to make a reservation but if you’re planning an event, you’ll want to do so for sure! Reservation times available change with league schedules, so be sure to call well in advance: (402) 483-7763 for Parkway Lanes and (402) 466-1911 for Hollywood Bowl.

A celebration with professional associates goes hand-in-hand with food and beverages. For one of the best pizza parties in town, you can’t go wrong with MoMo Pizzeria & Ristorante, 7701 Pioneers Blvd. You can call in for takeout or curbside pickup to take to your party spot, or make an advance reservation to dine in. Either way, you’re going to love the food and the fabulous customer service that the MoMo team serves up.
Their chef-driven menu is fresh and unique, and they use only the highest-quality ingredients that are house-crafted and locally sourced (when they don’t come straight from Italy). Your clients will love all of MoMo’s Neopolitan style pizzas, made from Farina “OO” Italian, wheat flour, hand-tossed, and baked in a stone-hearth, wood-fired oven. Your clients will thank you back for thanking them!

A Little Casual Comfort

If a more casual classic bar environment in the Haymarket area seems to be more your clients’ style, you can’t miss with, McKinney’s Irish Pub. It’s a favorite stop for many, mainly due to its upbeat atmosphere and of course, great selection of authentic drinks and fare, which includes things like loaded spiral fries with crispy potatoes, corned beef, cheddar, peppers, onion gravy, chives, and crema.

They’re also pretty famous for their mouthwatering roast beef or Reuben paninis and their chicken BLT Caesar salad. In business since November 2013, they also have a tremendous selection of craft beers and fabulous Irish whiskeys. There’s something for everyone, so have fun “picking your poison” but remember you’re in a business setting, so be sure not to overindulge and stick as closely as possible to your usual business etiquette. Even though the goal is to get personal, there’s a fine line between unwinding and coming undone.

Tipsy Tina’s Taco Cantina presents a tremendous opportunity to treat your clients to some serious Mexican fare. More than a dozen varieties of street tacos, churros, taco boxes, Mexican sodas, breakfast tacos, Mahi Mahi or shrimp seafood salads, chicken or steak fiesta salads, and more head up the menu, as the new business nears opening at 800 Q St. They also offer a full catering menu, and you’ll have the opportunity to choose from more than 30 beers on draft and more than 40 available in bottles. Add to that more than 200 tantalizing tequilas and signature blended drinks, including flavored margaritas, daiquiris, piña coladas, the Rum Runner, Shortcake, Hurricane, Midnight Old Fashioned, Elderflower, and the Michelada, which mixes Worcestershire, lime juice, clam juice, and a spice blend, then tops it with Tipsy Tina’s Mexican lager and a chili-salt rim!

Under the same ownership as Mckinney’s Irish Pub, Tipsy Tina’s owner Nate Stewart said it’s been a long ride but their construction and preparation to open for business is nearing its end, so the opening is imminent. He said Tipsy Tina’s a la cart taco menu and lighter-fare options make the Cantina a great option for client-appreciation happy hours in the haymarket. Your clients will also enjoy the refreshing Mexican beach-style cocktails formulated from an extensive selection of tequilas and other alcohol options. Nate also partnered with Lazy Horse Brewing to create a one-of-a-kind Tipsy Tina’s Mexican Lager that’s already a big hit on draft at Lazy Horse.

If you aren’t able to host an event at this fabulous selection of entertaining venues the Lincoln community enjoys, consider purchasing gift cards for your clients to these local businesses. It will signify your gratitude not just to your clients but to the local business community, which is the very core of our big small town! They’ll appreciate you for thinking of them, too.

Your clients are the lifeblood of your business, and it’s important to let them know that you are grateful for their role in your success. Celebrations during pandemic times are different, for sure, but it’s more important than ever to support the local businesses that are the very core of the Lincoln community. What better way to show your gratitude than to treat clients to one of the vast choices for food and fun!