The 2011 Beat Breast Cancer Mud Volleyball tournament will be held July 9th in Prague, Nebraska.  The benefit of this year’s tournament is 36-year-old Lena Sayles, the mother of two boys who was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer.

Finch on the Run will be DJing the event from start to finish. There will be concessions sold by the PCCW of Prague, and the Wild Ride Bar and Kolache Korner Caf  will fill all your other needs.

Now is the time to sign up and take advantage of the early bird special of $66 per team.  The price is good as long as your registration is in the mail by July 1st.  Sign-up on the day of event for $90.

You can register online with a credit card at

You can find information on the tournament on the website or check out our Facebook ( or Twitter page (

For more information, about the 2011 Beat Breast Cancer Mud Volleyball tournament please contact Jeremy at (402) 560-1578.