AmanaCare ( has introduced the Care360 program model to their care methods. Care360 was designed with the whole person in mind. AmanaCare will help you cultivate the things that are valuable to you.

The first pillar of the Care360 model is community and family involvement. AmanaCare caregivers can assist in transporting clients to community events, letter writing and even assist you in managing your social media to stay in touch with loved ones.

Next, Care360 focuses on maintaining an active body and mind. AmanaCare caregivers provide assistance with physical therapy exercises as ordered by your doctor and physical therapist, nutritious meals and mentally engaging activities such as board games and puzzles.

Religious and spiritual engagement is another important aspect of the Care360 model. They strive to keep you or your loved one engaged in your faith practice however they can. Caregivers can transport clients to and from church or assist them in finding online or in person services.

Lastly, Care360 focuses on evaluating and maintaining a safe home environment. AmanaCare aims to help you or your loved one flourish at home. Their staff will provide regular home-safety checks and minor home maintenance to ensure their clients are safe.

Amana is Hebrew; it means truth, faithfulness, guardian, devotion and integrity. AmanaCare is a faith-based company that is family-owned and operated providing faithful, personalized non- medical care that people can trust. If you or a loved one needs assistance to manage tasks of independent living, contact AmanaCare to find out how they can help at (402) 440-5878. For more information, go to