Body Innovations is pleased to welcome Zach Harsin as Director of Corporate Wellness Services and Personal Trainer.

Zach is in his final year at Nebraska Wesleyan University and will graduate with a B.S. in Health & Fitness Studies and a minor in psychology in May. Upon graduating from Wesleyan, he plans to continue his education by working on his Masters in Health Promotion; this particular masters program is designed for individuals interested in Corporate Wellness.  Zach is also an ACE CPT. The pursuit of his current degree, ACE certification, and his plans to obtain a Masters in Health Promotion have all stemmed from his passion for leading a healthy lifestyle combined with his love of helping others better themselves.

His interest in this particular area of wellness has helped birth Body Innovations newest program in Corporate Wellness Services, which he has helped develop and currently serves as the Director of Corporate Wellness Services. His experience with corporate wellness and personal training will allow him to work with individuals to help them meet their personal fitness goals as well as companies to help them reach their wellness goals.

For more information about Body Innovations, please contact Heidi Slaymaker at (402) 464-2020 or or online at