Branched Oak Observatory to Host Total Lunar Eclipse Viewing and Star Party May 15

Branched Oak Observatory ( is inviting the community to join them on Sunday, May 15 for a Total Lunar Eclipse Viewing and Star Party. The event will be held from 9 p.m. – 1 a.m., during which you will be able to see the total eclipse of the moon from the Observatory, in addition to a spectacular view of the night sky as the eclipse approaches. Even more, you can enjoy a personal tour of the Observatory, hold an actual meteorite in your hands, and even have an opportunity to connect with the International Space Station via Amateur Radio and other Amateur-ready satellites. It promises to be a fun and exciting night! The event will be held free of charge. Branched Oak Observatory is located at 14200 NW 98th St. in Raymond, NE.

Branched Oak Observatory is supported by science education professionals and astronomy enthusiasts who give of their valuable time and expertise to the growing facility. Their goal is to share the wonders of the night sky with Eastern Nebraska. Learn how to become a member to check out other events at the observatory by visiting