Amber Potts, age 20, is the Lincoln representative for NEC Tutoring, an Omaha-based company that allows college students to manage their own business branch. The idea is for students to earn money for things such as tuition and books while gaining practical business experience.

Amber Potts, a Business Administration major at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, first heard about the position when browsing through UNL’s College of Business weekly newsletter. Amber completed training in October; at which she learned about all aspects of running the business such as motivating tutors, marketing, and customer service.
NEC Tutoring provides in-home academic tutoring to elementary, middle and high school students. Tutors consist of selected college students who provide academic guidance and motivation.

In additional to the classroom, it’s the type of support outside of the classroom that holds the ticket to academic mastery and self-confidence. NEC Tutoring, LLC understands the resistance students have when it comes to needing a tutor. The tutors, who are also referred to as Academic Coaches, help students catch up, stay ahead, and master academic material.  The bonds created though this student-to-student connection fosters an interest to learn and motivates students to continue forward in their education.

For more information on NEC Tutoring, contact Amber at 402-695-4200 or