ALLO’s ( Hosted VoIP (Voiced over Internet Protocol) Phone is the complete business communications solution that provides all your voice and data needs for your business. If you’re considering ditching your traditional landline telephone service for an Internet-based VoIP (Voice over IP) system, Allo is the right place to be. Here is why customers choose ALLO:

  • Affordable – Get all your services with ALLO and save money and the hassle of managing multiple bills to multiple
  • Simple to set up and use – Setup is hassle free, with a dedicated onboarding specialist to ensure a smooth installation process and customized phones options that quickly connect to your existing network. ALLO can provide PoE switches for an additional
  • Any device, anywhere and anytime – MaxUC, their mobile app, turns your employees’ desk phones, laptops, tablets and smartphones into mobile offices, giving them 24/7 access anywhere they have an internet connection.

ALLO offers free quotes for customized solutions, free installation, local support and the purchase of phones with no contracts. Leasing options are also available.

ALLO specializes in providing world-class communications and entertainment services by creating and operating gigabit communities. Hassle-free service and a 100% fiber-optic network will improve how students learn and employees work, whether from home, schools or business. ALLO currently serves over 35 communities in Nebraska, Colorado and Arizona, with a total population of more than 1,000,000 supported by more than 1,300 team members. For more information about ALLO, go to or call (402) 480-6500.