With an eye toward helping customers reduce mail processing costs and enhance the productivity of their business operations, Claritus has introduced a new model of automatic letter opener designed specifically for the small office environment.

The OP16 automatic letter opener opens envelopes at speeds of up to 300 envelopes per hour, distributing incoming mail faster throughout the entire organization.  Checks, orders, remittance pieces or any incoming mail gets processed sooner allowing your staff more time for more important tasks.  Conventional letter openers can easily damage interior contents but with the OP16 advanced cutting technology internal documents are safe and secure from damage.  Load your envelopes, press go and watch as your envelopes are automatically opened and stacked without creating a sharp edge or mess.  The OP16 opens a wide variety of envelopes from # 10’s to flats.  Eliminate a boring, unnecessary repetitive task with the all new OP16 letter opener from Claritus!

Today’s fast-paced office environment requires document processing solutions that allow your business to operate more efficiently and effectively.  Receiving documents, processing documents, printing documents, folding/inserting documents, electronically storing documents , addressing envelopes and postmarking envelopes, all require an attention to detail that will keep your business profitable.  Claritus’ entire line of automatic letter openers will dramatically increase office efficiency by allowing you to operate at peak performance.

For more information about Claritus, please visit www.claritus.com or call 1-800-726-1553.